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Seattle Predicted to Have Second Hottest Real Estate Market in 2017

Home prices in Seattle are soaring, so much so that Zillow predicts the city will have the second hottest real estate market nationally in 2017. In fact, within Seattle itself, home values have skyrocketed, increasing in price by 42% since 2011.  Current homeowners and developers looking to build new housing units could stand to see enormous profits.

Neighborhoods by the Numbers

Although most of Seattle is experiencing enormous appreciation rates, each area is a little bit different. Here is a breakdown showing appreciation rates in some of Seattle’s most sought-after suburbs:

  • Zillow predicts that the Seattle metro will appreciate by 5.6% in the coming year, which places the area second nationally. Provo, Utah tops the list. This statistic is an overall measurement, covering a large portion of the city...

With Limited Inventory, Buyers Prepare for Competition in Seattle Housing Market

For sellers, the Seattle-area market is rife with possibility!

Throughout 2016, home prices increased significantly — in fact, it made headlines as the most expensive year for Seattle real estate in history. Those who had real estate investments to list on the market were sure to enjoy significant returns, but the fact of the matter is, most people weren't selling their property... often-times because there's no place for them to move to (and they would also be paying top-dollar).

According to an article published in the Seattle Times, housing inventory hit all-time lows in Seattle, which is the primary reason for the price increase. Meanwhile, there was also an influx of buyers who were interested in purchasing real estate in Seattle and...

Mortgage Mistakes: What NOT To Do Before Applying for a Mortgage

You often read about what to do before applying for a mortgage to buy a home. However, despite all the attention paid to the housing market and restrictive lending standards over the past few years, it is still quite common for home-buyers to be unaware of what "NOT" to do before, or during their application for a mortgage.

In this post, we'll discuss some of the potentially costly mistakes home buyers make when applying for a mortgage to buy a home.

Don't Change Your Job or Career

It's surprising how often we encounter real estate clients who are considering a career change, or who have recently changed jobs. Yes... it is common for someone to relocate to a new...

Are Tiny Homes a Wise Investment

tiny homes

It seems there are Tiny Homes popping up everywhere. Magazines, websites, and reality TV shows all praise the space-saving miniature houses that typically range between 180 and 400 square feet in size. Is it a practical lifestyle choice? Is it truly possible to live comfortably with another person in such a tiny space? Do people still enjoy living in tiny homes after the first year? How much do they cost? These are questions you need to ask before you consider purchasing a tiny home.

What Does A Tiny Home Cost?


Counting Days in Real Estate Contract Contingencies

CalendarHow do we count the number of days for contingencies in home purchase & sale contracts? it's not too terribly complicated to answer, but misunderstandings regarding the "Computation of Time" in real estate contracts are unfortunately very common.

While all contract contingencies are important, arguably, the most critical contingency in any real estate purchase and sale contract is the Financing Contingency, which is typically 20-30 days. All parties, especially the home buyer and their real estate agent, need to accurately count the number of days - and to adhere to any related terms of the contract. The inspection contingency is just as important. Wait too long after the inspection to negotiate any repairs,...

Real Estate SEO: 5 Critical Steps to Building a Real Estate Website

No matter what Google and other experts say, the real estate SEO world remains obsessed with backlinks, and too often, how to take shortcuts. The hope of quick organic rankings is oh-so-tempting - and unfortunately, memories are short. I have to wonder how many real estate SEO’s who first suffered the effects of Penguin, have re-focused their efforts towards creating and promoting great content in the past 2 years. Certainly Penguin’s favorite playmate “Panda” is not forgotten… is it?

real estate website foundation


Applying for a Mortgage: Top Ten Tips for Home Buyers

Applying for a mortgage these days, while not nearly as difficult in the past few years, still has challenges. While lending standards have loosened up a bit, the housing market has become more difficult for home buyers, with limited inventory and multiple offer situations. As a result, home buyers quickly discover they MUST be fully prepared when they commit to searching for their next home.

What can you do to ensure your offer will be considered, while also receiving the lowest cost mortgage with best terms? Below are Top 10 Tips to consider when applying for a mortgage, to help make your next home buying experience more enjoyable - and hopefully result in a winning offer.

applying for a mortgage


Home Buyer Mistakes: 5 Tips to Winning Offers in a Seller's Market

Are you in the market to buy a home this spring? Join the crowd! In many areas, the market is red-hot; inventory is low and buyers are plenty. In these times, hopeful home buyers must quickly educate themselves regarding the buying process and current market conditions. How can you increase the odds of winning your dream home in a seller's market, especially when competing with multiple offers? Develop a winning strategy by follwing these tips, and avoiding common home buyer mistakes.

Image Courtesy of Online Training Academy

Be Clear About Your Priorities...

Why Listing Descriptions Matter When Selling Your Home

Is your home already up for sale and suffering from a "lack of love" from buyers and not getting showings? It may be that some simple adjustments to your listing description and "agent only" showing instructions could make a world of difference.

Image by Sarah Reid at Flickr.com

Listing Descriptions Invite More Buyers

You've seen them... listing descriptions (also known as "marketing remarks") which either make no sense, are full of abbreviations or acronyms mostly known to agents that the reader must decode, or worse - they're just plain wrong. It's a very common problem - and "yes," as...

Holiday Home Buying: Shopping For Homes During the Holidays

Buying a home during the holidays - sounds crazy, right?

You have about a million tasks on your to-do list and none of them checked off. You have relatives coming into town, the local bake sale needs more holiday cookies, and the cat just crawled-up the tree ‐ again. In the midst of all this holiday chaos you may think the last thing you really want to do is search for your new home. However, you might be missing out. The holiday season can be a fantastic time to buy real estate!

Sellers Want to Sell - Especially at Holiday Time

Listing inventories drop dramatically during the late fall and winter in the Seattle market - not only due to the holidays, but also due to the weather. Obviously, the dark and...

Home Selling: How Often Should Your Real Estate Agent Call?

When selling a home, the number one complaint of homeowners is the lack of communication & follow-up from their real estate agent - after the agent has listed the home for sale. In fact, a quick scan of popular websites reveals the most common grievances such as "My agent never returns my calls," or "My agent went on vacation and didn't tell me." it's a very common problem for sellers, and a source of great frustration.

We call this the "List & Leave Syndrome" - a phrase I personally coined after experiencing a similar circumstance several years ago, which ultimately promted me to fire my agent.

Image by ...

Issaquah Market Update October 2014: Price Reductions on the Rise

Did the headline of this post make you do a double-take? Yes... you read that correctly - price reductions in Issaquah have become more common over the past quarter, and the average Days on Market continues to rise, with 40-60 days market time becoming common. While well-priced homes continue to sell quickly in a week or less, the frenetic pace of the Issaquah real estate market has definitely cooled. But the good news is, that for the time being anyway, it appears prices are remaining somewhat stable, as the reductions have been fairly conservative.

If you've been paying attention to the local real estate market for the past couple of years, you know very well that both Issaquah resale home prices &...

Market Alert: Active Home Listings at Snoqualmie Ridge Increase 69% in July

Active resale single-family home listings at Snoqualmie Ridge increased 36% in July over June, and a dramatic 69% increase compared to July 2013. It's worth a special note, that this is a month ahead of the "typical" seasonal pattern, when inventory creeps upwards and buyer traffic begins to wane. While more resale home inventory is good news for buyers, especially those buyers who've grown weary of limited inventory and multiple offer situations, the changing market is of course not welcome news for prospective sellers.

Snoqualmie Ridge Market - August 2014

In Snoqualmie Ridge specifically, the first half of 2014 saw home prices increase rapidly with limited inventory - almost an identical pattern to the spring of...

My Top 20 Most Influential People in Real Estate

Anthony GilbertIn real estate, it's all about the numbers... and I'm not just talking about home prices & ratios, but also agent ratings. I'm sure anyone reading this has lost count of all the awards, accolades and "Top Agent Lists" that we see online or receive in the mail. While all of those accomplishments are admirable, what's often missing from industry awards are all the other countless agents who have had significant impacts on the industry & people's lives... beyond selling homes, that is.

Like everyone else, no matter their career, I often contemplate just "how I got here." What events in life brought me to where I am today; and, who has influenced me the most in this business? It's curious, that I've yet to meet a single agent who actually set out on a career...

What is an Inspection Contingency?

Definition: An Inspection Contingency is a clause in a home purchase & sale contract which provides the buyer an opportunity to conduct a home inspection, with the right to either terminate the contract, or attempt to negotiate repairs and/or terms of the contract, based upon the results of an inspection report.

What is an Inspection Contingency

Contingencies for home inspections vary from state to state, and the methods of negotiating issues can also vary by "local custom" depending on the market area. For example, in Texas, inspections are handled during the "Option Period" - typically a 10-day period in which the buyer pays a nominal fee in exchange for this option. In some areas, such...

Redmond WA Acreage Homes & Lots

East Redmond Neighborhoods - Wooded Lots & Privacy 

If a move to the Redmond, Washington area is in your future, or if you're currently in Redmond, and want more room to spread out in your own private woodland retreat, then be sure to take a close look at the available homes for sale to the east of Redmond.

Redmond Square Sign

Image by Kurt Clark at Flickr.com

Redmond is quickly becoming a high-density community with urban style condos in Downtown Redmond - particularly with so many...

Pre-Marketing & Coming Soon Listings: Are You Getting the Highest Price for Your Home?

The market has been hot, hot, hot at Snoqualmie Ridge! In fact last week, 6 resale homes went pending in a single day. Typically, a home selling quickly would be considered a "good thing." However, there are times when a home can sell too fast, possibly due to interest generated before the listing is active in the MLS, perhaps via social media, neighborhood events, personal relationships, etc.

Image by Johnny Wilson at Flickr.com

This type of marketing exposure is known as pre-marketing. And, unlike Bravo's Million Dollar Listing, ...

Home Seller Alert: Avoid Incorrect Showing Instructions That Say "Keep Out"

You've worked hard to prepare your home for the market! So you obviously want to do what it takes to have a healthy amount of traffic from buyers and their agents. Showing Instructions are an important tool the listing agent uses to let other agents know how to access your home while it's "Active" and on the market. But often, the instructions can reduce showings.

Image by Peter Curbishley at Flickr.com

Here's an example of showing instructions that may send an agent and their buyers on to the next listing...

Showing Info: Appointment, MLS Keybox, Owner Call First, Security System, Pet in House, See Remarks....

Hiring an Agent When Buying or Selling a Home: Working With Friends and Family

Fact: Choosing a real estate agent will be among the most critical decisions you make during your next home purchase or sale! Think real estate agents simply open doors, show houses, and fill-in generic real estate forms? Think again.... This is the first a series of posts on hiring a real estate agent to serve your interests.

Part One: Hiring Friends & Family When Buying or Selling a Home - We all love to work with friends & family (okay... well, maybe not "all" of us). According to a survey by the National Association of REALTORS®, it's not surprising that over 50% of home buyers & sellers choose a real estate agent either based upon referral from friend or family member - or they use an agent...

Seattle Eastside Housing Market Continues to Pick-Up Steam - The Heat Is On!

The springtime real estate market in the Seattle area has been hot the past two years - and for the last couple days anyway, we've had the temperatures to go with it! (Though, coming from Texas, I still can't help but chuckle when the newscasters use words like "sweltering" or "steamy" when describing our occasional "heat waves.") The last two weeks have seen a huge increase in market activity in Sammamish & Issaquah - and to a lesser extent, Snoqualmie & North Bend. As of the timing of this post, just in the past 36 hours we've seen over 60 new listings in this relatively small area - and we still have the rest of Friday to go!

Last week, the same area saw 53 new listings on Thursday...

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