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Whether a home buyer is new to Washington state or not, it is very common for prospective buyers to not only have "sticker shock" where Eastside home prices are concerned, but they're often caught off-guard by how fast they must act - especially in the spring time.

During both the spring of 2012 & 2013, home inventory plummeted as pending sales skyrocketed - there just wasn't enough of to go around. While there are some indications the spring of 2014 may not be quite as hectic, as an Eastside home buyer, you must be fully prepared - otherwise, you risk losing your ideal home to another buyer who was thinking well in advance.

It is incredibly important that our clients have a positive home buying experience! Yes... it's serious business, but it

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Home buying mistakesHappy New Year! What is on your list of resolutions this year? Lose weight? Get in shape? Go back to school? Take up ice fishing?

If you've been thinking about a real estate purchase, consider these New Year's resolutions for home buyers, which could potentially save you a lot of time, frustration and heartache.

Avoid making these common mistakes, and be fully prepared before going on the house hunt.

#1 Decide What You Want in a Home Before Seriously Looking

Browsing, while often enjoyable, is never the most efficient way to shop. While you may not consider it time wasted to browse a shoe store or your favorite Seattle boutique, looking at homes without having a firm grasp on what you actually want in a home is a certain path to

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We often work with home buyers who are moving to Seattle from other parts of the country. One aspect of real estate I enjoy the most, is helping relocating buyers become acquainted with the Seattle area - especially when it comes to the best places to visit during their stay. Buyers often need a break from the house hunt, and these day trips are the perfect diversion.

There are truly countless things to do whether you're visiting, or live in the Seattle area which will satisfy nature & city lovers just the same. I fall into the "nature lover" category - so below are my personal Top 3 Places to Visit in the Seattle area. For early risers, these could be lengthy day trips... but I recommend planning an overnight stay.

Mount Rainier National Park

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asking questions when buying a houseWhat is a greenbelt? We get this question a lot - and it can have a different meaning depending on the circumstances and location of the home. More importantly, too many buyers become enamoured with the view & privacy - assuming it will always be that way. Home buyers coming to the Seattle or Bellevue areas from other parts of the country understandably may have preconceived notions as to what a “greenbelt” actually is... but they may be mistaken.

In the Pacific Northwest, a greenbelt or buffer-zone is generally considered by most homeowners and buyers alike, to be a vacant patch or parcel of forested land, behind, or to the side of a home. Typically in King County, greenbelts are at least partially forested, but the landscape can vary - some may

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You often read about what to do before applying for a mortgage to buy a home. However, despite all the attention paid to the housing market and restrictive lending standards over the past few years, it is still quite common for home-buyers to be unaware of what “NOT” to do before, or during their application for a mortgage.

In this post, we'll discuss some of the potentially costly mistakes home buyers make when applying for a mortgage to buy a home.

Don’t Change Your Job or Career

It’s surprising how often we encounter real estate clients who are considering a career change, or who have recently changed jobs. Yes... it is common for someone to relocate to a new area - and understandably, they may wish to purchase a home. Hopefully in this case,

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Seattle-Real-Estate-termsWhen looking to buy (or sell) a home in the Seattle area, or elsewhere, some of the terminology can get confusing. While it’s of course your real estate agent’s job to know the ins and outs of all things real estate, it’s also very helpful to the home buyer during the search. With all the different terms and acronyms, property listings and real estate jargon, it's hard to focus on what's important. Below is a list of a few important terms you are likely to hear during your house hunt.

Sale-to-List Ratio

More commonly used by sellers, this is potentially an important number for home buyers too, as it may help them quickly decipher the pace of the current market when deciding what price to offer on a home.

The Sale to List Price Ratio is

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Hiring the right real estate agent can be challenging enough as it is - but it's more so, when the cost of commissions becomes the primary focus in the decision-making process, and without considering other factors. Especially in a “seller’s market” when home inventory is in short supply, for obvious reasons, the services provided by brokerages and agents offering "Full Service" for significantly reduced listing fees can become more appealing. And indeed, some "experienced" buyers & sellers may not need the full-scope of professional services provided by a "traditional" real estate brokerage. Regardless, when choosing a brokerage & an agent, it's important to look beyond the advertising claims and compare "apples to apples." Thus, we present to you Six

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caution-mistakesLooking to buy a home in Seattle?

You'll likely to find that some of the rules of the home buying game seem to have shifted, and not always in your favor.  The days of multiple bids and offers over asking price are back in earnest (depending on the area) - particularly in Seattle, Bellevue and other parts of Seattle's Eastside.

If you are weighing the advantages of buying a house in the Seattle area before interest rates rise, and as prices continue to increase, it's best to avoid the strategies that virtually never work. Don't feel left out in the cold - avoid these frustrating and potential costly home-buying mistakes.

Just Say No! to Blanket Low-Ball Offers

A "low ball offer" is one written significantly below the market value of a home

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Anthony GilbertUpdated Introduction: A few agents have already commented in various places that this post may not be "a good idea." IMO, that's likely because they think an agent's Number One Priority is "lead generation" - and some believe it's "aggressive" lead generation. I completely disagree - I feel our Number One priority is "client service."

It is my belief the reason an increasing number of buyers are behaving in the ways I describe in this post, is because real estate (as an industry) has forced them to. Particularly due to internet marketing, buyers have been forced to lurk anonymously in the shadows, because they fear that the moment they give an agent their information, they won't be able to get rid of the agent - like an irritating skin rash.

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Hot Market Hazard: You Want to Waive the Inspection?

In Seattle at the moment, there’s one “Hot Market Hazard” which makes my stomach churn, and that’s when the buyer comes downs with a case of “house fever” so severe that they’re willing to waive the home inspection contingency completely to “win” a multiple offer situation.

The Seattle area market is definitely “hot” right now. We have a record low home inventory for sale, and an incredibly low number of new listings coming online to satisfy buyer demand. And, the numbers indicate we’ll be in a seller’s market for quite some time to come.

In Brief - What is an Inspection Contingency?

The home inspection contingency is the period in which the buyer has time to perform their “due diligence”

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