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Buying a home during the holidays - sounds crazy, right?

You have about a million tasks on your to-do list and none of them checked off. You have relatives coming into town, the local bake sale needs more holiday cookies, and the cat just crawled-up the tree – again. In the midst of all this holiday chaos you may think the last thing you really want to do is search for your new home. However, you might be missing out. The holiday season can be a fantastic time to buy real estate!

Sellers Want to Sell - Especially at Holiday Time

Listing inventories drop dramatically during the late fall and winter in the Seattle market - not only due to the holidays, but also due to the weather. Obviously, the dark and rainy days are not conducive to home

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When selling a home, the number one complaint of homeowners is the lack of communication & follow-up from their real estate agent - after the agent has listed the home for sale. In fact, a quick scan of popular websites reveals the most common grievances such as “My agent never returns my calls,” or “My agent went on vacation and didn’t tell me.” It’s a very common problem for sellers, and a source of great frustration.

We call this the “List & Leave Syndrome” - a phrase I personally coined after experiencing a similar circumstance several years ago, which ultimately promted me to fire my agent.

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Client Service vs. Prospecting

Most home sellers fully appreciate their listing agent has other clients

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Definition: An Inspection Contingency is a clause in a home purchase & sale contract which provides the buyer an opportunity to conduct a home inspection, with the right to either terminate the contract, or attempt to negotiate repairs and/or terms of the contract, based upon the results of an inspection report.

What is an Inspection Contingency

Contingencies for home inspections vary from state to state, and the methods of negotiating issues can also vary by "local custom" depending on the market area. For example, in Texas, inspections are handled during the "Option Period" - typically a 10-day period in which the buyer pays a nominal fee in exchange for this option. In some areas, such as on the East Coast, it's also common for home inspections to be performed prior to

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Fact: Choosing a real estate agent will be among the most critical decisions you make during your next home purchase or sale! Think real estate agents simply open doors, show houses, and fill-in generic real estate forms? Think again.... This is the first a series of posts on hiring a real estate agent to serve your interests.

Part One: Hiring Friends & Family When Buying or Selling a Home - We all love to work with friends & family (okay... well, maybe not "all" of us). According to a survey by the National Association of REALTORS®, it's not surprising that over 50% of home buyers & sellers choose a real estate agent either based upon referral from friend or family member - or they use an agent they've worked with previously. But, what if that

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The Seattle real estate market is Hot, Hot, Hot - home inventory is scarce, and buyers are plenty.  Home sellers will likely find they're in the catbird seat. Unlike in years past, sellers have more options at their disposal - and one of the most common strategies, is encouraging all buyers to perform (and pay for) a "Pre-Inspection" before they place an offer to purchase your home.

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The primary advantage of a buyer-performed pre-inspection is that it allows the seller to keep the home "Active" and on the market for other potential buyers to also consider placing offers. In an exceptionally tight market where multiple offers can be expected, this will likely allow the seller to review offers which have

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Whether a home buyer is new to Washington state or not, it is very common for prospective buyers to not only have "sticker shock" where Eastside home prices are concerned, but they're often caught off-guard by how fast they must act - especially in the spring time.

During both the spring of 2012 & 2013, home inventory plummeted as pending sales skyrocketed - there just wasn't enough of to go around. While there are some indications the spring of 2014 may not be quite as hectic, as an Eastside home buyer, you must be fully prepared - otherwise, you risk losing your ideal home to another buyer who was thinking well in advance.

It is incredibly important that our clients have a positive home buying experience! Yes... it's serious business, but it

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Home buying mistakesHappy New Year! What is on your list of resolutions this year? Lose weight? Get in shape? Go back to school? Take up ice fishing?

If you've been thinking about a real estate purchase, consider these New Year's resolutions for home buyers, which could potentially save you a lot of time, frustration and heartache.

Avoid making these common mistakes, and be fully prepared before going on the house hunt.

#1 Decide What You Want in a Home Before Seriously Looking

Browsing, while often enjoyable, is never the most efficient way to shop. While you may not consider it time wasted to browse a shoe store or your favorite Seattle boutique, looking at homes without having a firm grasp on what you actually want in a home is a certain path to

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We often work with home buyers who are moving to Seattle from other parts of the country. One aspect of real estate I enjoy the most, is helping relocating buyers become acquainted with the Seattle area - especially when it comes to the best places to visit during their stay. Buyers often need a break from the house hunt, and these day trips are the perfect diversion.

There are truly countless things to do whether you're visiting, or live in the Seattle area which will satisfy nature & city lovers just the same. I fall into the "nature lover" category - so below are my personal Top 3 Places to Visit in the Seattle area. For early risers, these could be lengthy day trips... but I recommend planning an overnight stay.

Mount Rainier National Park

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asking questions when buying a houseWhat is a greenbelt? We get this question a lot - and it can have a different meaning depending on the circumstances and location of the home. More importantly, too many buyers become enamoured with the view & privacy - assuming it will always be that way. Home buyers coming to the Seattle or Bellevue areas from other parts of the country understandably may have preconceived notions as to what a “greenbelt” actually is... but they may be mistaken.

In the Pacific Northwest, a greenbelt or buffer-zone is generally considered by most homeowners and buyers alike, to be a vacant patch or parcel of forested land, behind, or to the side of a home. Typically in King County, greenbelts are at least partially forested, but the landscape can vary - some may

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You often read about what to do before applying for a mortgage to buy a home. However, despite all the attention paid to the housing market and restrictive lending standards over the past few years, it is still quite common for home-buyers to be unaware of what “NOT” to do before, or during their application for a mortgage.

In this post, we'll discuss some of the potentially costly mistakes home buyers make when applying for a mortgage to buy a home.

Don’t Change Your Job or Career

It’s surprising how often we encounter real estate clients who are considering a career change, or who have recently changed jobs. Yes... it is common for someone to relocate to a new area - and understandably, they may wish to purchase a home. Hopefully in this case,

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