Bellevue Housing Market Statistics

Bellevue Home Values & Real Estate Trends - How's the Market?

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Please note, that all references to average DAYS ON MARKET in these charts on this page represent the time a home was listed as "Active" in the MLS, and available for buyers to place offers

Buyer's market = more than 6 months of inventory based on closed sales
Seller's market = less than 3 months of inventory based on closed sales
Neutral market = 3 - 6 months of inventory based on closed sales

Bellevue Home Inventory:

The total home inventory is simply the number of homes currently available for purchase in a given market area. Typically, as the number of available homes goes down, prices increase - simply due to demand. However, this increase can be limited by the income of prospective buyers as well. Below is the number of homes for sale, sold, new listings & pending listings in Bellevue during the past 15 months. 

Median Home Prices in Bellevue:

The median home price is one of the most common measurements used to compare real estate prices in different markets, areas, and periods. It is said to be less biased than the mean (average) price since it is not as heavily influenced by small number of very high, or very low-priced homes. Below are the median and average home price statistics in Bellevue for the previous 12 month period. These are asking prices & sold prices. Note these should be used as a guide to see how prices may be increasing or decreasing - keep in mind that price range segments will often fluctuate independently due to different buyer demand.

*Based on 6 month trend - Appreciating/Depreciating/Neutral 

Bellevue Price Per Square Foot:

When looking at the median price per square foot, it's important to consider that there may be attributes which cause one home to be higher or lower in square footage price, compared to a similar home - such as upgrades, view, lot size and location. Below is median price per square foot for homes in Bellevue during the previous 15 month period.

*Based on 6 month trend - Appreciating/Depreciating/Neutral  

Days on Market & List to Sale Price Ratio:

DOM stands for days on the market, how long a property is on the market available to buyers - the number of "Active" days. The Average DOM is the average of DOM of sold properties. What is Sold/Orig. List Diff. %? When a property is listed on the market, the asking price may change before it gets sold. The originl asking price is the price that is first entered to the MLS database when a property is listed for sale. The Sold/List Diff. % represents the percentage difference between sold price and original list of sold properties.

*Based on 6 month trend - Appreciating/Depreciating/Neutral  

Months of Inventory:

Months of inventory is simply the number of months it would take for all of the "active" listings on the market to sell. The smaller the number the less inventory buyers have to choose from, and most often is a time when home prices will be on the increase. The larger the number, the fewer buyers actively looking for a home, and the greater number of homes on the market. Generally speaking, less than 3 months of inventory is considered a "seller's market." A "buyer's market" is generally indicated by 6 months or more worth of inventory.

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