Bellevue Washington Economy & Companies

Downtown Bellevue, WA

Bellevue is Washington state's second largest city center, which include several large condominium projects and shopping centers in the downtown central business district. The city is also the fifth largest in Washington state, and serves as a central hub for employment. With many domestic and international economic ties, the city of Bellevue has long been a very popular place to live, work and of course, to buy a home or condo.

One of great things about living in Bellevue WA is you're never too far from a possible job opportunity - especially being so close to neighboring cities of Seattle, Kirkland and Redmond. A number of people seek to move to Bellevue to work at companies, like Microsoft and Nintendo, who call the Bellevue area their home. However, it's not only technology-based work you'll find around us in Bellevue.

In addition to multibillion corporations, many other companies are headquartered in or near Bellevue. Some of the larger or more well-known companies include, Eddie Bauer, Expedia, and T-Mobile USA. There are also a number of game developers and gaming studios, like a 5th Cell, ArenaNet, Bungie, Sucker Punch Productions and Valve.

You'll find other companies such as the grocery store chain QFC, pharmaceuticals & health companies such as Orahealth Corp., truck manufacturing Paccar Inc. and insurance company Symetra. There are also an abundance of service sector & retail employment opportunities at locations such as Bellevue Square, Factoria Mall, Crossroads Mall and the Overlake Shopping District.

Moving to Bellevue for Employment?

If you're thinking of moving to the area, transferring with your employer, or beginning an exciting new career and wish to buy a home or condo soon, contact us today! We're Anthony Gilbert and Danny Evatt, Bellevue WA real estate agents at the Real FX Group. It only takes a few moments to tell us what requirements you have in your next home, so let's get started today.