5 Devices To Make Your Home Smart

5 Devices That Can Make Any Home SmartThese days, it’s impossible to walk into any sort of store that sells electronics without seeing some sort of smart device for the home. From thermostats to refrigerators, if there’s a way to connect it to a smart phone, it can be found and purchased. For those who have trouble keeping up with technology as it moves forward at the speed of life, here are five essential smart devices for homeowners who may be looking to add value to their home or even improve their home's energy efficiency not know where to start.

Smart Thermostats

Everyone has been in a situation where they’re rushing to get out the door and forget to turn down the thermostat, leaving the air conditioning or heat on all day long when no one is home. With a smart thermostat, homeowners can access their home’s thermostat from their smart device or computer to adjust the temperature at home from anywhere in the world. Smart thermostats can also learn the user’s schedule and adjust itself according to the time or weather outside to make sure the temperature is always optimally set.

Smart Security Cameras

Everyone likes a little extra security to protect their home and loved ones, and security cameras have become more accessible recently than they have ever been. Homeowners can buy just a single security camera, or even a set of multiple, to place around their home. The footage can be accessed on any smart device or computer, making monitoring a home easy, even while on vacation halfway around the world.

Smart Refrigerators

It’s becoming more and more common to see things like smart refrigerators and washing machines. While some are slower to catch on than others, appliances like smart refrigerators have their perks. For instance, a smart fridge can track what’s inside it and create shopping lists based on what it’s running low on, which it will send to the homeowner’s phone so they can look at it while grocery shopping. Some models may even have digital whiteboards or TV screens so people can write messages or watch video cooking recipes.

Smart Alarms

For homeowners who want extra security around their Lakeway home but aren’t able to use security cameras, smart alarms can be a good choice. Single alarms can be purchased and put on a window or door, and if it senses that what it’s attached to moves, it will sound an alarm and notify the homeowner via text or email. Smart alarms can also be programmed to only go off during set hours, like overnight to protect against home intruders. These alarms can be a more cost effective alternative to security cameras that provide a similar amount of ease of mind when it comes to protecting a home.

Smart Locks

Forgetting the house key at home is a common mistake that happens to the best of us. To prevent getting locked out of the home, homeowners can install a smart lock that replaces the doorknob on the home’s front door. Smart locks will typically have a keypad to put in a code, a fingerprint scanner, or both. Smart locks can be a reliable way to make sure everyone who needs access to the home has it regardless of if they carry keys or not, and in some cases, it can be safer than a traditional lock because it’s impossible to put down fingerprints or memorized codes.

These five smart devices can help make any home smarter. When using even just one, the improvement in organization, safety, and environmental impact can be clearly seen.

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