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Austin Local Events and Information

Best Self-Storage Facilities in Austin, TX

What Are the Best Self-Storage Options in Austin, TX?Self-storage facilities in Austin abound, but it is not the best idea to leave your valuables in just any random facility; doing so certainly won't provide renters with greater peace of mind. Whether a little space or large space is necessary short- or long-term, these top Austin storage options can meet your needs with ease.

CubeSmart Storage

The nationwide chain CubeSmart has rapidly grown into...

Where to Find Historic Monuments in Austin, TX

Places of Historical Interest in Austin, TexasAs the capital city of Texas, Austin has a proud and rich history. Over time, community leaders have established and dedicated many historic monuments throughout the city. Local residents love to visit these sites and pay homage to their past. Travelers who are visiting the city enjoy heading to these attractions to learn more about the community and how it came to be the thriving city that it is today.

These are the best historic monuments in Austin, Texas:

Texas African American History Memorial

Address: ...

Best Delivery Restaurants in Austin, TX

The Best Austin Restaurants that Offer DeliverySometimes, there is nothing better than having a fresh, hot meal delivered right to the doorstep. In Austin, residents and visitors will find that it's incredibly easy to have food delivered to their homes, their offices, their hotel rooms or their favorite park.

These are the best delivery restaurants in Austin, Texas:

Tso Chinese Delivery

Address: Arboretum...

Where Are the Best Lunch Spots in Austin, TX?

The Best Lunch Spots in Austin, TXWith the incredible variety of local restaurants in Austin, TX, it's hard to pick a favorite - no matter what time of the day (or night!) you're eating. Although it is difficult to narrow down a lunch favorites list in Austin, the goal of this list is to showcase the variety of local restaurants that Austin has to offer for your lunch break. Here are some of the best lunch spots in Austin for your culinary delight.

Magnolia Café

Address: ...

Where Are the Best Breakfast Spots in Austin, TX?

Where Are 4 Must-Visit Breakfast Restaurants in Austin, TX?The food scene in Austin is robust, whether you want an early morning omelet or a late-night stack of pancakes. When there are so many options to choose from, why make breakfast for yourself all the time? Here are 4 must-see breakfast restaurants to visit in Austin, TX.

Kerbey Lane Café

For 40 years, Kerbey Lane Café has been a beloved fixture in Austin's breakfast scene. This café was founded right here in the city, and their initial location...

Where Are the Best Dinner Spots in Austin, TX?

Where Are the Best Dinner Spots in Austin, TX?There are many things that one may think of when someone says "Austin" - perhaps Austin City Limits or South by Southwest. While those are accurate, one of Austin's many claims to fame is its food scene. As a verified city of foodies, Austin has countless delicious options, many of whom also source ingredients locally. Here are a few of the best dinners spots in Austin to get you started on your food journey.

Valentina's Tex-Mex BBQ

Address: ...

Who are the Best Florists in Austin, TX?

Where are the Best Austin, TX, Florists?There are numerous occasions when a floral arrangement or gift basket is an appropriate gift: birthdays, well-wishing, times of sympathy or for sheer decorative enjoyment. Florists in Austin are abundant, but which ones are known for having the freshest flowers, reliable service and friendly staff? Read on to find out which Austin florists truly smell like roses according to locals.

Enchanted Florist

Address: ...

A Look at the Healthcare Options Across Austin, Texas

What are the Healthcare Centers in Austin, Texas?As with many other major cities, Austin, Texas, has several hospital networks offering care to people of all ages. With nearly a million permanent residents and millions of visitors coming in each year, each hospital plays a vital role in the local healthcare system. Both people who live here and those just in for a visit can benefit from knowing all about the healthcare options available to them in this city. To help everyone better understand their options, here's a look at the various Austin healthcare centers operating today.

St. David's Healthcare

The ...

Where Can You Find the Best Live Music in Austin, TX?

Best Places for Live Music in Austin, TXLive music in Austin is literally around every corner of the community. From traditional Texas concert halls to hole-in-the wall pubs and jazz bars, the state capital has a bit of something for everyone—even those with highly eccentric taste. Come explore the best live music hot spots in Austin, TX with us.

Austin City Limits Live at The Moody Theater

Address: ...

Austin, Texas Public Transportation Guide

Top Ways to Get Around Austin, Texas on Public TransportationAs the capital city of Texas, Austin offers an incredible array of fun and exciting things to do, bringing in more than 27 million visitors each year. Add that to the nearly one million people who live in and around this city, and it could equal far too many on the roadways.

Thankfully, public transportation lines run practically nonstop all day to pick up the slack and keep traffic to a minimum. But not everyone knows about these options and takes full advantage of them.

So, whether they are living near this city or just in...

4 Dog Friendly Businesses in Cedar Park and Leander

Landscaping Mistakes Some Homeowners MakeWhen searching neighborhoods for a new home, people often look for amenities like schools, shopping centers and area attractions for the members of their household. However, as any dog lover knows, pets have needs, too. Both Cedar Park and Leander have a few great places for dogs and their owners. Here are three of the best.

The Cedar Park Bark Park

There are dog parks, and then there is the Cedar Park Bark Park, which is almost like a resort for the dogs of ...

Where Are the Best March Events in Austin, TX?

Austin, Texas Events and Activities Scheduled for MarchNo matter what month of the year it is, there's always something going on in Austin, Texas. However, March is particularly exciting for the city. Some of the biggest festivals of the year are held during March, as well as major award shows and community events. Those who live in the city and those who are just stopping by will want to make sure they put these Austin events on their calendar:

Austin Water Lantern Festival

Address: ...

What Are Driving Times Like to Downtown Austin?

A Look at Austin, Texas Commute TimesPeople often live in the suburbs around downtown Austin, Texas, and commute into the city for their personal and professional engagements. This arrangement allows them to save on housing and live in a quiet area while enjoying all the capital city has to offer. Before making this move, prospective residents can see if the commute will work for them by looking at the average travel times. To help them get started, here's a look at common commute times across this region.


Leander lies about 27 miles...

The History of Austin, TX

Discover the Past: What You Need to Know About Austin's HistoryModern-day Austin is constantly buzzing with activity. Most people find Austin to be an appealing place where they can settle down and achieve their goals. While the city may be teeming with life and it seems the community will continue to flourish for the years ahead, Austin has not always been the metropolis that it is today. In fact, its history stretches past the European settlement that occurred during the mid-19th century, extending back thousands of years to a time when native tribes occupied the land.

Indigenous Life in the Austin Region...

What School Districts Are in the Austin Area?

School Districts in Austin, TXAustin is the 10th largest city in the United States and one of the fastest-growing cities. If you're considering moving to Austin and have kids (or are planning on kids soon), it's good to know which school district they will be zoned to. Many of the surrounding cities and suburbs in the greater Austin area have their own public school districts, so it's good to do your research beforehand.

Austin Independent School District

Austin Independent School District is the main public school district for Austin....

The Best Neighborhoods in Austin, TX

Best Neighborhoods in Austin, TexasAustin is the eleventh largest city in the United States and the fourth most-populated city in Texas with nearly one million residents. Its metro area spans five counties, which increases the overall population of the Austin region to more than two million. In just the last 10 years, the area's growth has increased by about 10 percent as people discover the sites, sounds, and diverse neighborhoods of the state's capital city.

Looking to make the move to Austin, or planning a visit? Here's a few fast facts about Austin:

  • Population with the city limits: 960,000
  • Home...