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The 8 Best Suburbs Near Houston, Texas

Best Suburbs Near Houston, TX

The ever-growing Houston, Texas, is known for its delicious food, vibrant art and cultural scene, and its plethora of outdoor spaces made for cooling off with a cold drink or enjoying a delicious meal. With all that the area has to offer, it's no surprise that crowds of people move to the Houston area every day.

For prospective homebuyers that don't have an interest in living in the heart of downtown and Houston's older neighborhoods, there are several suburbs with plenty to offer residents from all walks of life. Keep reading for more details on some of the best suburbs near Houston, Texas.


Houston's 8 Most Popular Older Neighborhoods With Character

Houston Best Neighborhoods

Master-Planned Perfection Not For You?

Houston, with a population of about 2.5 million, is the largest city in Texas, and it's getting larger all the time—it's one of the nation's fastest-growing cities, in fact. As an expansive city of more than 637 square miles near Galveston Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, it's also a leading oil center and a major center for aeronautical and biomedical research. Houston's thriving economy and many other attractions continue to draw in new residents.

However, the massive urban sprawl like Houston also results in massive planned neighborhoods with cookie-cutter homes. We may have some of the best home builders in the country to choose from. But, there's no escaping the fact that most production homes even in the ...

What to Know Before Moving to Houston, Texas

Moving to Houston, TX Living Guide

Living in Houston, TX

Located in Harris County in southeast Texas, the Houston community is the largest city in the state. Known as "Space City," Houston is the location of the NASA-Johnson Space Center. Along with this moniker, the city's major league baseball team took on the nickname the Astros.

The fourth-largest city in the U.S., Houston offers food from around the world and numerous award-winning restaurants. In addition, Houston has a vibrant shopping scene with more than a dozen distinct shopping areas. Houston also has a variety of outdoor locations for walking, enjoying nature, and other outdoor activities, making the area very attractive for anyone looking to live in a city with access...

Midland, Texas Living Expenses Guide

Midland Cost of Living Guide

How Much Does it Cost to Live in Midland?

Midland's population is close to 140,000 people, and it is the largest city for over 100 miles. The cost of living in Midland has increased 1.2% per year on average and is higher than in the surrounding area and comparably sized cities in Texas. The high cost of homes in Midland is due to a competitive market, but there has also been a rise in utilities, transportation, and food costs. It's unclear whether the cost of living will go back down soon as high-paying jobs are continually funneled to ...

What to Know Before Moving to Midland, Texas

Moving to Midland, TX Living Guide

Living in Midland, TX

Looking for a city that offers plenty of job opportunities while maintaining a great sense of community? The Midland community has both and is definitely a consideration when debating where to move within Texas.

Located in the Permian Basin (the nation's largest oil-producing area), Midland, TX, has plenty to offer for newcomers looking for a new chapter in life. This medium-sized city welcomes new citizens with open arms and a warm smile from its booming economy to its abundant nightlife. This is all thanks to the city's excellent sense of community, which takes the mantra of "love thy neighbor" to a whole new level.

But it doesn't stop there. Midland also offers plenty of work opportunities for so many different...

Midland Economy: Top Industries, Biggest Employers, & Business Opportunities

Midland Economy Guide

Before moving to a new city, it's good to research the economy. Knowing what to expect from the local economy can help smooth the transition for people moving to Midland. Prospective residents will be pleased to know that the city of Midland, Texas, features a healthy economy with a low cost of living and many employment opportunities. Continue reading to become an expert on the economy in Midland.

Midland's Primary Industries

Midland's economy supports several thriving industries. From oil and gas to education,...

Austin, Texas Living Expenses Guide

Austin Cost of Living Guide

How Much Does it Cost to Live in Austin?

Austin, Texas, is a vibrant hub for arts and technology that has landed it in the rankings for the number one place to live in America time and time again. It's a significant incubator for start-up businesses and entrepreneurs, earning the name "Silicon Hills." Sometimes it seems like people are moving to Austin in droves. Despite all this development, its river, parks, and hiking trails make it easy to enjoy the state's natural beauty, and the emphasis on local business helps it maintain its small-town style.

With all of these draws, what can residents expect in terms of cost of living?

The cost of living in the city of Austin is more expensive...

Austin Economy: Top Industries, Biggest Employers, & Business Opportunities

Austin Economy Guide

Austin, the state capital of Texas, sits on the Colorado River. The greater Austin-Round Rock area has about 2.3 million people, and the city of Austin is one of the fastest-growing places in the United States. The University of Texas at Austin is a tier-one research institution and one of the largest colleges in the United States, with about 50,000 students. As such, Austin has a robust economy and has been ranked in the top 20 on the Forbes Magazine list of the Best Places for Business and Careers. The Wall Street Journal also ranked the area number one for growing businesses.

When getting ready to move to Austin, it's helpful to understand the economy before making a final decision. Keep...

Best Neighborhoods in Austin, TX

Austin Best Neighborhoods

The city of Austin in the heart of Texas has enjoyed incredible population growth in recent years, to where it now stands as the tenth most populous city in the United States. Its metro area spans five counties, which increases the overall population of the Austin region to more than two million. In just the last 10 years, the area's growth has increased by about 10% as people discover the sights, sounds, and attractions of the state's capital city. This growth can be attributed to a booming job scene, where Austin has emerged as a major entrepreneurial hub, as well as to the celebration of culture, outdoor activities, and good quality of life. Local events and facilities...

What to Know Before Moving to Austin, Texas

Moving to Austin, TX Living Guide

Living in Austin, TX

Imagine a city where the best view of downtown can be seen from a kayak. Think about listening to live music while sipping craft beer at a local brewery. Picture a place where food trucks are plentiful, offering every kind of cuisine, from brunch to brisket. Those mental images paint an accurate picture of what everyday life can be like in the city of Austin, Texas.

It's no surprise that so many people want to move to Austin these days. With its booming job market, the abundance of entertainment options, and scenic location in the Texas Hill Country, there's something special about this city that draws people in. Want to ride the longest and fastest zipline in Texas across Lake Travis? Lake Travis Zipline Adventures...