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Real Estate SEO: 5 Critical Steps to Building a Real Estate Website

solid real estate SEO

No matter what Google and other experts say, the real estate SEO world remains obsessed with backlinks, and too often, how to take shortcuts. The hope of quick organic rankings is oh-so-tempting - and unfortunately, memories are short. I have to wonder how many real estate SEO’s who first suffered the effects of Penguin, have re-focused their efforts towards creating and promoting great content in the past 2 years. Certainly Penguin’s favorite playmate “Panda” is not forgotten… is it?


Why Listing Descriptions Matter When Selling Your Home

Is your home already up for sale and suffering from a "lack of love" from buyers and not getting showings? It may be that some simple adjustments to your listing description and "agent only" showing instructions could make a world of difference.

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Listing Descriptions Invite More Buyers

You've seen them... listing descriptions (also known as "marketing remarks") which either make no sense, are full of abbreviations or acronyms mostly known to agents that the reader must decode, or worse - they're just plain wrong. It's a very common...

My Top 20 Most Influential People in Real Estate

Anthony GilbertIn real estate, it's all about the numbers... and I'm not just talking about home prices & ratios, but also agent ratings. I'm sure anyone reading this has lost count of all the awards, accolades and "Top Agent Lists" that we see online or receive in the mail. While all of those accomplishments are admirable, what's often missing from industry awards are all the other countless agents who have had significant impacts on the industry & people's lives... beyond selling homes, that is.

Like everyone else, no matter their career, I often contemplate just "how I got here." What events in life brought me to where I am today; and, who has influenced me the most in this business? It's curious, that I've yet to meet a single agent...

Pre-Marketing & Coming Soon Listings: Are You Getting the Highest Price for Your Home?

The market has been hot, hot, hot at Snoqualmie Ridge! In fact last week, 6 resale homes went pending in a single day. Typically, a home selling quickly would be considered a "good thing." However, there are times when a home can sell too fast, possibly due to interest generated before the listing is active in the MLS, perhaps via social media, neighborhood events, personal relationships, etc.

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This type of marketing exposure is known as pre-marketing. And, unlike Bravo's Million Dollar Listing, ...

Home Seller Alert: Avoid Incorrect Showing Instructions That Say "Keep Out"

You've worked hard to prepare your home for the market! So you obviously want to do what it takes to have a healthy amount of traffic from buyers and their agents. Showing Instructions are an important tool the listing agent uses to let other agents know how to access your home while it's "Active" and on the market. But often, the instructions can reduce showings.

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Here's an example of showing instructions that may send an agent and their buyers on to the next listing...

Showing Info: Appointment, MLS Keybox, Owner Call First, Security...

Real Estate Lead Generation Gone Wrong: Hunting Prey by Forced Registration

DUPLICITY: Contradictory doubleness of thought, speech, or action; especially :  the belying of one's true intentions by deceptive words or action.

We've all met people who treat us one way, but as we get to know them, other "motives" become clear. Sometimes, what we initially perceive as an otherwise pleasant conversation or a new friendship in the making, is in reality, the first step in a "dance" designed to satisfy the other person's goal - which is to get something from us.

And how does it make us feel when we realize that person isn't really interested in getting to know us - but instead, what or "how much" they can get out of us? It goes without saying, no one likes to be deceived.


Controversial Real Estate Topics of 2013 - What You Must Know: AgentMatch

ControversyWhat do real estate agents talk about when we're not busy serving you?

Real estate is anything but "boring." At any given moment, numerous discussions are taking place regarding almost every nuance of the real estate industry - any of which are likely to trigger the hot buttons of agents, many of whom are quite passionate about their profession (yes... that's a good thing.)

Most of these discussions revolve around how agents both obtain and manage their business, topics which may seem innocuous or irrelevant to the average consumer. The fact is however, that the potential changes resulting from these debates have the power to dramatically alter certain aspects of the industry, and ultimately your experiences as a real estate client.

With that in mind, this post is the first in a series,...

Do Seattle Home Builders & Beanie Babies Have Something in Common?

beanie-baby-seattle-homesDo Seattle home builders & Beanie Babies have something in common? Yes... Brilliant Marketing!

There's one rule in marketing which remains constant - it's that product "scarcity" often fuels greater demand and higher prices. Combine the aura of exceptional demand with an expertly-crafted marketing campaign, and the result can be a feeding frenzy.

Remember "Beanie Babies"? Buyers were lined-up for hours at store-fronts chomping at the bit to get their hands on the hottest new releases - a few fights even broke-out. Incredibly, there was at least one book published which estimated the "future value" of certain Beanie Baby characters - a book that was written by the very company which created the crazy-popular plush dolls to begin with!...

Seller's Market Shenanigans - Pocket Listings, Pre-Marketing & Dual Agency

Anthony GilbertIn this hectic market, Who is REALLY Looking Out for You?

By now, you've heard the news... we're in an exceptionally strong "seller's market" in the Seattle area. This may be music to homeowner's ears, as prices are increasing across the board.

Contrary to what you may hear however, selling a home isn't a cake-walk in a seller's market. In fact, this type of market leads to all sorts of shenanigans, usually cases of either skirting or simply ignoring the law or MLS rules. Unfortunately, home buyers and sellers are rarely aware of when these violations are taking place.

Question: How can a seller be...

Underpricing - When 'Sold in 1 Day' Isn't Something to Celebrate

seller lost moneyLook at her... she's shocked and upset! And rightfully so. She just learned she lost about $20,000 by pricing her home too low, and accepting the first offer.

Well, not really... we don't know who she is. But, she did a great job in this photo session, as her face certainly fits the circumstances. Don't be like her...

Are some Snoqualmie Ridge home sellers potentially leaving money on the table? You read the following, and decide for yourself.

Sold in 1 Day - Hip, Hip Hooray!

You've surely seen the compelling advertisements lately... "Sold in One Day," or "Top 1% For Closed Sales Days on Market" (i.e., lowest number of active days on market). Well... sorry to burst any bubbles, but a quick sale is not always something to...

Why I'm a REALTOR - And Why You Should Care

Anthony GilbertThere's a common misconception that real estate agents only care about "the money" - their commissions. All commission-based compensation structures are an "easy target," no matter the industry.

Particularly in real estate however, the discussions tend to revolve around the expense of using an agent, rather than the benefits. This focus on "price" has led to "discount" agents and limited service listings (where the seller pays only to be entered into the MLS). While those options clearly have a place in the market, I do not believe they truly match the needs of most buyers or sellers. Whether they know this or not, is another matter.

Why the Focus on Commissions?

I believe potential clients (mostly home sellers) focus on commission because...

Do Open Houses Help Sell Houses? We say YES!

confused womanDrive around Issaquah, Sammamish and Snoqualmie on most weekends, and you'll often seen open house signs.

Most real estate agents and industry experts say that the percentage of homes sold as a direct result of open houses is exceptionally small. However, other agents speak highly of open houses, and depending on the type of home and the price range, we agree that open houses can be a very useful strategy in selling a home.

Accessibility to the Home is Key

No matter the market conditions, getting as many potential buyers into the home can be an important factor in selling it quickly, and at the highest price. Many home buyers tour neighborhoods without the help of an...

Pre-Foreclosure For Sale Online Advertising - Fact or Fiction?

Hot Deals

Surely, if you've searched online for homes anytime in the past 5 years, you've seen the ads:

"Sign-Up Here for THE HOTTEST List of Foreclosures"

...or something to that effect. Times have changed, and while there may indeed be a relative few foreclosures to choose from in the Seattle area, contrary to popular belief, there isn't a "secret" list. Actually, there never was...

Online Foreclosure Advertising - Fact or Fiction?

For years now, internet real estate marketers have used so-called "Hot Properties," foreclosures and short sales as "lead generation" methods in order to get a potential client to submit their contact information. Obviously, we market online as well, so...

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