The Green Real Estate Market: Sustainable Living in Austin

The Austin real estate market is thriving, and the boom is due in large part to the strong, growing economy. As the tech industry continues to make Austin home, an influx of professionals are heading to the city and looking for a place to call home. Not only are many of them looking to buy a large, luxurious property, but they also are concerned about the size of the home's carbon footprint. This has increased the demand for green real estate — eco-friendly properties that allow people to easily implement a sustainable lifestyle and preserve the local environment.

What is an Eco-Friendly Home?

An eco-friendly home is one that includes many environmentally-friendly features that allow an individual to reduce the energy they use and the pollution they emit. There is no set standard to define an eco-friendly home, and many homeowners are able to create a sustainable lifestyle that works for them. For example, an eco-friendly property may come complete with Energy-Star appliances, solar panels on the roof and a rock garden for landscaping that requires minimal water to maintain. Another eco-friendly home, however, may have low-emittance windows and hardwood floors that are created from sustainable forests. There's no singular way to create an eco-friendly home, but plenty of ways for everyone to reduce their impact on the local environment.

Where Can Buyers Find Sustainable Living Options in Austin?

Recognizing the demand for sustainable living options in Austin, area home builders and luxury developers have decided to launch entire eco-friendly communities. Residents in the area are now able to focus their home search on specific communities that include a variety of features and amenities designed to protect the environment, minimize the amount of energy used and save homeowners money on their utility costs.

According to Curbed, Whisper Valley is one of the largest sustainable living communities in Austin. It's a $2 billion development that broke ground in the early months of 2017. While there are only a few completed properties in the development currently, most of the homes are expected to be built within the next year. By the time it is complete, there will be more than 7,500 single-family and multi-family properties within the development, as well as a commercial space totaling more than 2 million square feet.

Geothermal wells and solar panels are just a few of the sustainable features that are going to be included in these homes. Perhaps what is most notable about this development, however, is the fact that the properties will not have the high price tag traditionally associated with green living options. In fact, most homes will be priced between $190,000 and $330,000, making them attainable for many types of buyers in Austin.

How Can You Find the Right Home in this Competitive Market?

Whisper Valley is just one place where you can find sustainable living options in Austin. An experienced, local real estate team can help you identify other eco-friendly developments as well as uncover green properties within Austin's other neighborhoods. There are a great variety of options ranging from south Austin to Leander just north west of the city. Discovering the right home in a competitive market requires the advice and counsel of a real estate agent who knows the local area and also is willing to advocate for your needs. Don't settle for anything less than a dedicated professional!

Beyond the new sustainable homes that are being built in planned communities in Austin, there are plenty of other ways for new residents to reduce their carbon footprint and create a green lifestyle. To learn more about eco-friendly initiatives in Austin and to find out more about the current real estate market, contact our team of qualified real estate agents today.

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