How to Design an Outdoor Living Area

How to Create an Outdoor Living SpaceNo matter how a backyard may look after a homeowner has purchased a new constrcution home, it is easy to overlook it entirely after a few months. But as easy as it is to stay indoors, residents are giving up a piece of their property if they don't take advantage of it. Here are a few tips to constructing an outdoor living area that will make it easy to transition from indoors to out.

Designing an Outdoor Living Room

Patio furniture can be used to construct an outside second living room that is ultimately healthier than the one by the big-screen TV. It invites people to breathe the fresh air and really relax in the breeze.

Choose Appropriate Patio Furniture

Choose patio furniture that can withstand the worst of the weather. Aluminum or cast-iron furniture are great options to fend off wind and rain, and both materials can be paired with waterproof fabrics to cozy them up. Construct the living room the same way as at home. A couch, coffee table, and flanking chairs are a great place to start.

Install Appropriate Lighting

Inappropriate lighting is one of the most common mistakes that anyone can make when designing an outdoor living space. Not only will lighting create a welcoming ambiance, but it should also enable homeowners to cook outdoors even in the evening. If the outdoor living area is located by the house, there can be wall-mount fixtures right above the area. However, if the outdoor space stands independently, one should install lamps or find some other practical solution.

Keep it Clean and Organized

Cleanliness and organization are essential elements in any environment. One should make sure that their outdoor living space has an organized, structured look without clutter. Plenty of storage solutions will help homeowners keep everything in its place. As already mentioned, they should choose materials that are easy to clean and maintain in order to keep everything pristine.

Homeowners can also consider buying a small fountain or fire pit to enhance their living room experience. Instead of a regular coffee table, there are fire pits that can serve as both a focal point and a table.

Designing an Outdoor Dining Room

Dining tables can be set up near the grill or kitchen. Here are a few tips to getting them right:

  • Set dining tables away from plants and greenery to limit insect intruders.
  • Use candles or nets around the table to keep the rest of the pests away.
  • Invest in the quality of place settings and table cloths and buy used patio furniture to squeeze pennies.

Designing an Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is perfect for people who want to get back to their roots. Designers highly recommend getting a grill with a mini-fridge and countertop to improve the quality of the meals and to encourage homeowners to grill more often. If the backyard is small, group furniture and the grill together to still leave some open space in the backyard. For those with serious ambition, a pizza oven can provide even more meal options. Here are a few additional considerations for designing an outdoor kitchen:

Find a Functional Layout

Once the location is picked, the next step is to start planning the floor plan and layout of the outdoor kitchen. The best approach is to divide the outdoor cooking area into different zones. Homeowners would need a food and beverage storage space, preparation area, cooking zone and clean-up space. They can also add a bar or a kitchen island that can be used for both entertainment and food serving. These areas should be placed close to each other to ensure the functionality of any kitchen layout.

Pick Durable Appliances

The equipment is one of the essential elements of an outdoor kitchen. It’s important that a homeowner chooses durable and quality outdoor appliances that will withstand all weather conditions and be easy to maintain. Stainless steel appliances with innovative features are always a great option if they want to ensure maximum durability of their cooking area and enhance its visual appeal.

When it comes to specific pieces of equipment, there is a need need to pick those that meet specific cooking needs. Nonetheless, some of the essentials include a cooker and/or a grill, a sink, and possibly a garbage disposal unit. 

Introduce Appropriate Materials

The materials homeowners choose will greatly depend on the location they have picked and their budget. However, one should keep in mind that investing in quality materials is much wiser than skimping on them, especially if the planning kitchen is a permanent improvement. Homeowners should pick durable materials that will fit into the general home design. Brick and stone are both stylish and durable options for an outdoor kitchen. When it comes to wood, people should make sure that it’s sustainably harvested and protected from unfavorable weather conditions. 

Pick a Style

A sleek modern design focuses on clean lines and minimalist decorations while a rustic outdoor kitchen will bring in wood and vintage details. Homeowners can also pick a nature-inspired outdoor kitchen with beautiful natural materials and accessories. Most importantly, they should pick a style that reflects their personal taste and complements the overall home design. The style they choose will help them design, furnish and decorate any dream outdoor kitchen.

Get Started On Your Outdoor Living Area Today

However Liberty Hill homeowners choose to improve their backyard, they're unlikely to regret the time and money they spend. These tips give residents more opportunities to enjoy their home the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

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