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First Time Home Buyer in Bellevue? Planning Ahead is a MUST!

mortgage planning credit & debtWanting to buy a home or condo in Bellevue, or anywhere on Seattle's Eastside as a first time home buyer? Take notice...

It can happen when you least expect it: an opportunity unexpectedly opens up - and you suddenly realize that the time to become a homeowner is here! It may happen when the landlord of the Bellevue home you've been renting suddenly decides it's time to sell. Or, during a search for a rental, you happen upon a new local listing that's such a bargain you'd be crazy not to snap it up!

Or more likely in the hot Bellevue housing market these days, you've finally found that "perfect" home that came on the market today after looking for month. Problem is 22 other home-buyers ALSO want that same home or condo, resulting in a bidding...

Issaquah Open Houses - It's a Madhouse Out There!

mad-housePlanning to look at Open Houses anywhere in Issaquah soon? Get in line - and you might consider wearing some padded sports gear too, because it's pretty crazy right now.

In the past couple of weeks, I've accompanied buyer clients to homes in Issaquah which happened to have open houses scheduled. In one case, we literally had to stand in line to get in - and in another, there were so many people in the house, I'm surprised the fire marshall wasn't hosting the house open instead of the agent. Both of these homes were in Klahanie, a very popular neighborhood between Issaquah and Sammamish.

Most single-family homes in Klahanie range in price from the lower $400's to...

10 Ways to Guarantee a Miserable Home Buying Experience

Anthony GilbertUpdated Introduction: A few agents have already commented in various places that this post may not be "a good idea." IMO, that's likely because they think an agent's Number One Priority is "lead generation" - and some believe it's "aggressive" lead generation. I completely disagree - I feel our Number One priority is "client service."

It is my belief the reason an increasing number of buyers are behaving in the ways I describe in this post, is because real estate (as an industry) has forced them to. Particularly due to internet marketing, buyers have been forced to lurk anonymously in the shadows, because they fear that the moment they give an agent their information, they won't be able to get rid of the agent - like an irritating skin rash....

Waiving Home Inspection With Multiple Offers

Hot Deals

Hot Market Hazard: You Want to Waive the Inspection?

In Seattle at the moment, there's one "Hot Market Hazard" which makes my stomach churn, and that's when the buyer comes downs with a case of "house fever" so severe that they're willing to waive the home inspection contingency completely to "win" a multiple offer situation.

The Seattle area market is definitely "hot" right now. We have a record low home inventory for sale, and an incredibly low number of new listings coming online to satisfy buyer demand. And, the numbers indicate w'll be in a seller's market for quite some time to come.

In Brief - What is an Inspection Contingency?

The home inspection contingency is the period in which the buyer has time to perform their "due diligence" of...

Buying a Certified Issaquah Green Home

Issaquah Built Green HomesIssaquah "Built Green" Homes a Smart Choice

Issaquah "Green" homes can be great for the environment and can save you money over time - assuming of course you plan to live in the home for several years or more - and they're a "smart choice" for the environment. "Built Green" is an environmentally friendly building program created by the Master Builder's Association of King County and is designed to provide homeowners with "comfortable, durable, environmentally friendly homes that are cost-effective to own and operate." Most home builders in Issaquah and King County are participants in the Built Green program.

For environmentally-conscious future Issaquah homeowners wanting to minimize their environmental "footprint" and their heating/cooling and electric bills,...

Join the Snoqualmie Valley Chamber of Commerce!

Anthony Gilbert it's Not all About "Business" - it's the People Who Make the Difference. 

Are you a local Snoqualmie Valley business owner who could benefit from more sales? Do you have challenges or concerns with everyday operations?

Don't privately fester within the confines of your business. If your door is open, there are plenty of people willing to help.

it's Never Too Soon (or Late) to Join a Business Network

As a Realtor, I became a member of the Snoqualmie Valley Chamber of Commerce shortly after moving to the area in August of 2011. But, I'll admit that I wasn't active in any business networking groups in my prior businesses, which in hindsight,...

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