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How Homeowners Can Manage Unpermitted Work

5 Things to Do After Discovering Unpermitted WorkGetting permits before starting a home improvement project on a Cedar Park home seems like a small step. However, a lot of people end up with unpermitted work in their homes. There are many reasons homeowners have house upgrades without the proper permitting. For many people, problems arise when they try to sell the home only to discover they must make major renovations in order to satisfy buyer expectations. By learning these five things, homeowners will understand what they can do when they discover unpermitted work in their...

Home Buying Guide: Separating Housing Wants from Needs

How to Determine Your Home Buying Wants and NeedsIf you've come across this website, you've probably been searching for homes!

We applaud your decision, our website features a wide array of properties for sale at any given time, including single-family homes, Austin condos, townhomes and luxury homes.

The number of available properties available can be a bit overwhelming, so we'll let you in on a little trick. It involves clearly separating your housing wants from your needs well before you start your home search.

What Do You Really Need in Your New Home?


Georgetown Real Estate Roundup: 3 Noteworthy Market Trends

Market Statistics & Trends for Georgetown Near Austin TXLocated about 30 miles outside of Austin, the city of Georgetown has been enjoying a trickle-down population boom as a result of Austin's immense popularity. Since the start of the decade, the population has increased by more than 25,000 people, and it seems that growth will continue into the near future. This has caused an increase in home prices, as buyers are searching for gorgeous homes in the suburbs that are located close enough to where nearly everyone works. Currently, the median sales price in Georgetown is about $370,000, and home values are expected...

History Buffs Will Love the Historic Mason Homestead of Leander, Texas

What to Know About the Mason Homestead Neighborhood

The city of Leander has no lack of cultural attractions to suit a variety of tastes. One of those attractions is the Mason Homestead. There are several reasons to visit this historic site—visitors can come for the historic significance, to stay a while and experience a piece of living history, and more. Let's take an in-depth look at what the Mason Homestead has to offer.

What Does the Mason Homestead Look Like?


5 Great Neighborhoods for First-Time Home Buyers in Austin

Great Austin Neighborhoods for First Time Home Buyers

For many first-time home buyers, Austin is the perfect place to settle down. There's plenty of jobs, and the burgeoning tech industry is ensuring that there's more on the way. The cultural vibe is addicting, and people love to get together and hang out in the city's downtown areas. So, for those considering the move to homeownership, why not purchase real estate and make this your home for a while?

It is important for first-time buyers to know ahead of time that they will likely be faced with challenges in the Austin market. It's a competitive market right now, and it can sometimes be difficult to get an offer accepted when you're up against previous homeowners who may have accrued wealth from their previous real estate investment....

Austin Buyers Searching Outside City Limits for Great Homes

Where Are the Best Neighborhoods to Buy a Home Outside Austin, TX?There's a lot of benefits to living within the city limits of Austin. The growing population consists of many residents who have called Austin home for many years. The economy is strong and the jobs are plentiful, particularly in the tech sector, which is enjoying a notable expansion in the community. Large, luxurious homes are scattered throughout charming neighborhoods, each with their own authentic flavor and atmosphere.

In short, it's great to be living in Austin, but for many buyers, avoiding the higher prices of real estate in the city is a priority. Month after month, prices...

Why Home Buyers Should Consider Cedar Park and Leander

Should You Buy a Home in Cedar Park or Leander?As the summer heat intensifies in Austin, the real estate market is heating up as well. While this is an exciting time to be participating in the market, many home buyers in Austin are finding it daunting to be facing such steep competition for homes. For those who are looking for a great home in a growing market, it's often advantageous to look outside of the city limits. In fact, the suburbs of Cedar Park and Leander are gaining notoriety as the up-and-coming communities in the Austin metropolitan region.

Real Estate Market Conditions in Cedar Park and Leander

Different trends are taking...

3 Austin Real Estate Trends and How They Might Impact Your Home Search

Austin Texas Market TrendsCan you feel the heat in Austin? No, we're not talking about the stifling temperatures throughout the summer months. We're talking about the record-setting housing market that continues to show gains in just about every section of the city. Homebuyers are facing competition at every corner, and sellers are enjoying significant returns as they look to upgrade to more luxurious properties in and around Austin. This hot market doesn't show any signs of slowing down, but there are several trends taking shape that may impact your home search in the city.

1. In the last five years, new home construction in the city has more than tripled.


Austin Ranks as Top Market for Commercial Real Estate

What to Know About the Austin Commercial Real Estate MarketAs the home to two million people, Austin is poised to have a record-breaking year for real estate. The city is experiencing a population boom with no end in sight, driven largely by the technology sector that continues to bring more high paying jobs to the region. The economy is strong, anchored by a diverse range of industries and job opportunities that make it attractive to new college graduates and families alike.

While many of the real estate headlines are focusing on the residential housing market in Austin, it should also be noted that the commercial real estate market is thriving. In fact, for many years now...

Round Rock Becomes a Focal Point of Central Texas Growth

How Round Rock is a Focal Point of Texas GrowthRound Rock started off as a small village, opening its first blacksmith shop in 1848 and the first post office in 1851. The town grew slowly at first, topping out at between 1,000 and 1,400 people between 1900 and 1960. Then, as Austin started to expand, so too did Round Rock, ballooning to a population of 11,812 by 1980.

The 1980s saw an influx of tech sector businesses in Round Rock, including PC giant Dell. The once-small village never looked back. Today, with a population of 128,739 and growing, Round Rock tops many...