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What Documents Do You Need When Applying For a Mortgage?

mortgage documentsIt Pays to Be Fully Prepared for a Mortgage

While it has gotten "easier" for Round Rock home buyers to apply for a mortgage during the past couple years, don't be mislead - it's still an arduous process, as many of our clients will tell you. Thus, it truly pays to be to be fully prepared before seriously looking for a home, as knowing what's ahead can save a home buyer thousands of dollars long-term.

All mortgage applicants, regardless of income or financial status, should expect to provide lenders with plenty of documentation prior to approving the mortgage application and funding the loan. Between July - September 2012, fewer than 6% of banks tightened mortgage guidelines, and roughly...

Why I'm a REALTOR - And Why You Should Care

There's a common misconception that real estate agents only care about "the money" - their commissions.
All commission-based compensation structures are an "easy target," no matter the industry.

Particularly in real estate however, the discussions tend to revolve around the expense of using an agent, rather than the benefits. This focus on "price" has led to "discount" agents and limited service listings (where the seller pays only to be entered into the MLS). While those options clearly have a place in the market, I do not believe they truly match the needs of most buyers or sellers. Whether they know this or not, is another matter.

Why the Focus on Commissions?

I believe potential clients (mostly home sellers) focus on commission because too many agents overlook the importance of first establishing trust - followed by a frank and detailed discussion regarding the benefits of our services....

Buying a Home Next To Vacant Land

asking questions when buying a houseLooking at homes which are adjacent to vacant or nearby undeveloped land? Avoid potentially nasty surprises! Investigate and verify the ownership, zoning and approved use of that land - before you buy.

Case in point... Several years ago I almost purchased a home in Bee Cave, TX (a west Austin suburb) which backed to private land. I appreciated the privacy, and the view was great. Coming from a typical suburban neighborhood, it was VERY tempting to write an offer, and be done with it. I asked my buyer's agent if she knew who owned that land, or what it was going to be used for - she said she didn't know. I later decided against that house. One of the primary reasons I decided against that home, was...

Do Not Stay Home During Home Buyer Showings - Big Mistake!

We're all human - we all make mistakes.  Selling a home can be one of the most stressful events in our lives - we're most often dealing with people we don't know, while complete strangers are touring and judging our home, and they're often arriving on short notice. Trust me... we get it. We really do.

Part of our job as real estate agents is to mitigate our client's stress level while their home is on the market. In this stage of the home selling process, we're more often 40% agent, 60% psychologist. As you can imagine though, this is easier said than done. With emotions often running high, it's understandable that home sellers can make a few mistakes along the way.

So... this blog post begins our Seller Series - "Big Mistakes - What Not to Do When Selling Your Home...

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