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Buying A Home For Resale Value

house resale valuesIf you're preparing to search for a new home, you'll want to consider two sets of criteria. The first set of criteria defines what you want, and most of all need, for your family to be happy in the home. We've talked about creating your list of, and separating housing wants and needs in previous blog posts.

The elements that contribute to resale value make up the second set of criteria. Unless you are entering retirement and purchasing your very last home, there's a good chance you'll want to sell this one someday - and you'll want to sell for the highest possible price. Make a purchase with the following...

Home Buying Guide: Separating Housing Wants from Needs

confused womanIf you've come across this website, you've probably been searching for homes!

We applaud your decision, our website features a wide array of properties for sale at any given time, including single-family homes, Austin condos, townhomes and luxury homes.

The number of available properties available can be a bit overwhelming, so w'll let you in on a little trick. It involves clearly separating your housing wants from your needs well before you start your home search. 

What Do You Really Need in Your New Home?

NEEDS are the specifics (or possibly...

Viewing Homes Without a Buyer's Agent

real estate agent keysOften, we meet with home buyers who are generally "confused" or completely unaware of how the Law of Agency works in Washington State where it concerns "Buyer's Agency."

While the agency laws of Washington State are truly intended to offer greater protection to home buyers, we find that most people do not have a good understanding of the legal relationship they may (or may not) have with a real estate agent. As a result, home buyers often place themselves in situations which may ultimately harm their negotiating power when they wish to enter into a purchase agreement.

Real Life Real Estate Scenario

A potential buyer contacts me to view a home...

Real Estate Agent Not Doing Their Job? Consider Firing Them!

Can you "fire" your listing agent? Usually the answer is "yes" - with caveats...

Contrary to popular belief, a client who has their home listed with a listing agent and firm, can "fire" their listing agent by requesting a termination of the listing agreement. Note... I say "request" a termination of the contract.

Unless the home is under contract, in most cases, the agent and brokerage will comply. There are some important caveats to this - which I'll address a bit at the bottom of the post.

The "List and Leave" Syndrome

DAY 0:

You're proud! You've spent countless hours researching and...

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