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Swimming In Debt? Here's How to Come Up With a Debt Repayment Strategy

How to Navigate Debt Repayment PlanningBecoming debt free takes careful consideration and planning. In some cases, using the debt avalanche method, where you pay off the high interest debt, is your best bet to achieve financial security. Meanwhile, for other types of debt the debt snowball method, or paying off the debt with the lowest balances, will be the best approach. It's likely you'll use a combination of both depending on the types of debt you currently have.

If you have a lot of high-interest debt, then the debt avalanche method tends to be the way to go, as it can save...

What Does it Mean to Be Financially Secure?

Achieving Financial Security Piggy Bank With an UmbrellaThe financial crisis of the late 2000s was a wake-up call for many people. Too many people watched their jobs evaporate, and with it their savings and financial security. Although millions will probably still feel the effects for many years to come, there are also opportunities to learn useful lessons for the future. These financial states help people to know how they are progressing toward their goal of financial security.

Financial Security: First a State of Mind, Then a State of Being

Unlike knowing a credit score, there is...

Gain Control of Your Life With a Budget: The Importance of Financial Awareness & Literacy

How to Plan Your Budget and Save MoneyWhile there is certainly more to life than just money, one of the primary ways to use it wisely and to your benefit is through establishing a budget. While budgeting can be unentertaining and tedious to understand, and cutting costs can be a drag, it's imperative to get a handle on your expenses now so you're in control of where your money goes and can build long-term wealth.

How to Get Started

The quickest method to get started is to list all of your current expenditures. Whether you use...

Ways to Cut Costs Part 2: Quick Cost-Cutting Strategies in Your Home & Lifestyle

How to Cut Costs in Your Home & LifestyleWhen you want to take control of your budget, sometimes you need to cut costs. We’re bringing you this article as the second part of our realistic cost cutting strategies series. Read on to learn more about how to effectively cut costs.

PART 2: Cut Your Home & Lifestyle Costs

There are many painless ways to cut costs that will reduce your financial stress – more than you realize. One of the easiest methods is to lower your infuriating utility bills for...

Ways to Cut Costs Part 1: Quick Cost-Cutting Strategies in Food & Entertainment

How to Cut Costs in Food & EntertainmentPlanning a budget is hard, and it can be frightening to realize that your expenditures exceed your income, or to find that the margin you have isn't enough to achieve your financial goals. This is the first part of a two-part series designed to help find realistic and practical means to cut costs.

PART 1: Food & Entertainment

When creating a budget, it can be daunting figuring out what to eliminate and where to cut back. Whether you’re saving for a down payment on a home, or trying to increase your retirement savings, these basic strategies...

Dealing With Financial Stress: Avoid Stress & Heartache With Strategic Financial Planning

Man stressed out dealing with financial stressThere is simply no avoiding the fact that financial worries cause stress to you and those around you. Money concerns wreak havoc on the most laid-back personalities, so let’s look at proven ways to minimize, and maybe even eliminate, that stress. 

The first step is to identify what financial aspect or aspects of your current situation is causing you to worry nonstop. Is it a car payment? Unexpected medical costs? Too high a rent payment? Too many credit card bills? Outstanding loans for education? Or a combination of some or all of the above?

Write down the issues that are causing you to stay...

Why You Shouldn’t Go For Sale By Owner

4 Reasons You Need a Real Estate AgentWhen a homeowner decides it’s time to sell their home, they have an important choice to make: do they hire a real estate agent, or do they go for sale by owner? For sale by owner, often abbreviated as FSBO, is a choice that many homeowners make because they think that selling a home is easy; or they think hiring an agent is a scam. However, both of these assumptions are incorrect. Selling a home FSBO is a bad idea that can result in lower selling prices and slower sales. Here are some more reason why homeowners should never sell a home on their own.


Who are the Best Florists in Austin, TX?

Where are the Best Austin, TX, Florists?There are numerous occasions when a floral arrangement or gift basket is an appropriate gift: birthdays, well-wishing, times of sympathy or for sheer decorative enjoyment. Florists in Austin are abundant, but which ones are known for having the freshest flowers, reliable service and friendly staff? Read on to find out which Austin florists truly smell like roses according to locals.

Enchanted Florist

Address: ...

A Look at the Healthcare Options Across Austin, Texas

What are the Healthcare Centers in Austin, Texas?As with many other major cities, Austin, Texas, has several hospital networks offering care to people of all ages. With nearly a million permanent residents and millions of visitors coming in each year, each hospital plays a vital role in the local healthcare system. Both people who live here and those just in for a visit can benefit from knowing all about the healthcare options available to them in this city. To help everyone better understand their options, here's a look at the various Austin healthcare centers operating today.

St. David's Healthcare

The ...

What are Home Buying Contingencies?

Your Guide to Home Buying Contingencies in Real EstatePurchasing a home is a unique consumer experience. It's not the same as purchasing just about any other product since you're not able to "return it" like you would with, say, a smartphone. Because of the legal and financial process involved with transferring property, contingencies are imperative for both buyers and sellers alike.

Contingencies are contractual obligations the seller and buyer must fulfil prior to the close of escrow. Essentially, contingencies are a way "out" should one or more of them not be met by either party. They also serve as a form of consumer protection in the event the home inspection...

Selling a Home: Preparing for the Final Walkthrough

What to Expect From Your Final WalkthroughThe walkthrough is the last step before buyers sign the paperwork to take ownership of a home. As such, it is the seller's last chance to confirm that the house is ready according to the purchase contract. Follow these tips to make sure all necessary and agreed-upon tasks have been performed prior to the keys changing hands.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction....

What You Need to Know About Conventional Mortgages

What You Need to Know About Conventional MortgagesGetting a conventional mortgage may sound simple enough, but there are more than a few twists in turns that home buyers should be aware of. Conventional loans aren't backed by the federal government, meaning if a buyer defaults on the loan, it's the lender's responsibility to pick up the slack. Because of this, lenders have a few more stipulations than they would for secured loans. Learn about the most recent changes for loans, what buyers need before applying for a loan, and what lenders are looking for in potential candidates.

Recent Changes

The rules for conventional loans are always in flux, based on both societal and economic demands and pressures....

Why Hire a Real Estate Agent? Home Marketing Expertise

Selling Your Home? Hire a Real Estate ProfessionalReal estate agents are expert home sellers. More than anyone else, a good real estate agent knows how to make a home more appealing to buyers and market that home to show how appealing it is. If you're a homeowner who is thinking about selling your home sometime in the near future, you should be contacting real estate agents. Here's what you need to know about how a real estate professional can help you.

Proper Pricing Advice

It may not sound like it's a part of the marketing process, but one of the first steps of...

Where Can You Find the Best Live Music in Austin, TX?

Best Places for Live Music in Austin, TXLive music in Austin is literally around every corner of the community. From traditional Texas concert halls to hole-in-the wall pubs and jazz bars, the state capital has a bit of something for everyone—even those with highly eccentric taste. Come explore the best live music hot spots in Austin, TX with us.

Austin City Limits Live at The Moody Theater

Address: ...

Do I Need an Attorney When Selling a Home?

What to Know About Hiring a Real Estate AttorneySelling a home does, indeed, carry specific legal obligations. However, depending on the applicable local and state laws, along with whether or not the home is involved in the probate process, an attorney isn't a consistent necessity.

While many real estate transactions do not need to involve an attorney, there are instances when hiring an attorney is either preferred or required.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with an attorney, tax, or financial advisor...

First Time Home Seller? Steps to Selling Success

Tips for Successfully Selling a Home as a First-Time SellerMillions of words have been written to help first-time buyers prepare for that first home purchase, but for the first-time home seller, there seems to be far less helpful information available. Like a first-time buyer, however, home owners who are preparing to sell a home for the first time will certainly have questions and face obstacles during the process.

With this helpful, step-by-step guide, even the novice home seller can be be prepped and ready for real home-selling success.


Home Selling: How Often Should Your Real Estate Agent Call?

When selling a home, the number one complaint of homeowners is the lack of communication & follow-up from their real estate agent - after the agent has listed the home for sale. In fact, a quick scan of popular websites reveals the most common grievances such as "My agent never returns my calls," or "My agent went on vacation and didn't tell me." it's a very common problem for sellers, and a source of great frustration.

We call this the "List & Leave Syndrome, " a phrase I coined after experiencing a similar circumstance in 2010, which ultimately prompted me to fire my agent -- and was the catalyst to me becoming licensed as an agent.

Image by Jason Taellious...