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Austin Competes for Investors on the World Stage

Austin, Texas is no longer merely a hub in the Texas economy. This city is rapidly becoming a global force in its own right. More and more, international investors are turning to Austin as a place to do business. And business is booming across the board. Rental markets are up, the commercial real estate market is growing and Austin features a robust housing market with several neighborhoods to watch.

Let’s take a look at the factors that are pushing Austin into the global spotlight.

Desirable Rental Market

Real estate investing firm HomeUnion recently ranked Austin as the 9th most desirable rental market in the United States. Market conditions in this city are exactly what rental investors want...

Out-of-State Workers Set Their Sights on Austin

It seems that everyone is talking about Austin these days. From the booming housing market to the ever-growing economy, Austin is the city that is topping the charts, and it's not just the residents of Texas who are starting to notice.

The Austin Job Market

Recent data shows that Austin employers — specifically those in the burgeoning high-tech industry — are recruiting more and more out-of-state workers. According to an article published on Culture Map Austin, more than 60 percent of tech jobs that were filled in 2016 went to people who lived in other states and ended up relocating to Austin. In part, this is due to the fact that the tech companies based in Austin are willing to...

Residential Real Estate Inventory is On the Rise - And That May Be a Good Thing!

All throughout the United States there appears to be a nationwide trend of lean housing inventories. But not in Austin. This is one of very few cities that is bucking the trend with new residents finding a minor surplus of homes. The housing surplus might not actually be a bad thing – and there are some mitigating factors that could help balance the market.

Austin is Growing Rapidly

Looking at Austin’s real estate market proportionally, it’s easy to see why a surplus of housing could actually be a positive thing. This is a city that tops nationwide charts for activity. New residents are flooding Austin, to the point that more people moved to this city than anyone expected in 2016.

For instance,...

First Time Home Seller? Steps to Selling Success

Millions of words have been written to help first-time buyers prepare for that first home purchase, but for the first-time home seller, there seems to be far less helpful information available. Like a first-time buyer, however, home owners who are preparing to sell a home for the first time will certainly have questions and face obstacles during the process.

With this helpful, step-by-step guide, even the novice home seller can be be prepped and ready for real home-selling success. 

Be Prepared to do Some Work

Homeowners who are selling a home for the first time probably remember their own reactions to homes they viewed that had repair or condition issues. Taking time to deep clean every room and clear away accumulated clutter and excess furnishings from every...

What You Need to Know About Real Estate Crowdfunding in Austin

Texas real estate is a booming industry. Not only is the market hot for buyers and sellers who are interested in purchasing and selling homes throughout the state's metropolitan areas, but it also offers ideal conditions for investors who want to develop both residential and commercial property. Recently, real estate crowdfunding has started to play a major role in the ability for people to invest in the area's real estate. Austin (and surrounding cities like Cedar Park), in particular, is experiencing an influx of real estate crowdfunding investments. 

What is Real Estate Crowdfunding? 

Like other popular crowdfunding platforms, real estate crowdfunding sites provide people who are interested in starting a real estate investment to connect with those who are able...

Selling a Home: Preparing for the Final Walkthrough

The walkthrough is the last step before buyers sign the paperwork to take ownership of a home. As such, it is the seller's last chance to confirm that the house is ready according to the purchase contract. Follow these tips to make sure all necessary and agreed-upon tasks have been performed prior to the keys changing hands.

Set Aside Time

Even under the best circumstances, your plans may not go perfectly according to schedule. Perhaps the moving truck arrives late and you have to sit and wait for several hours when you could be working on some other job. Make sure that everything brought up on the home inspection is complete. Be sure to give yourself the maximum amount of time you think you will need for each item on your checklist....

Austin Building Boom: $250M Fund Created for Texas Housing Market

The announcement that Noble Capital has created a $250 million Texas real estate fund is welcome news for many motivated home buyers in Austin and throughout the entire state. In a market where homes are selling incredibly fast but new construction inventory is somewhat low, buyers may be pleased to know that this fund is aimed to stimulate the market further and provide more opportunities for new real estate investment in the region.

Noble Capital is one of the top private lending organizations in Texas, and according to The PE Hub Network, this venture was created in partnership with U.S. Capital Partners, a private investment bank based out of San Francisco. Dubbed The Signature Fund by the investment groups, this fund is designed to provide...

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