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4 Leander Parks Give Residents Great Recreational Spaces

For people that are looking at reasons to purchase Leander real estate, there are many. One of this city’s greatest assets are its parks. There are four in Leander, the Benbook Ranch Park, Devine Lake Park, Mason Creek Park and Robin Bledsoe Park. Let’s take a look at each and what they have to offer to this great community!

1. Benbook Ranch Park

The newest park in Leander is the Benbook Ranch Park, which was opened in 2008. This park offers several recreational opportunities on the 46.5-acre complex. Residents will find soccer fields and a softball field as well as multiple trails for hiking, biking and more. There is also a playscape, skate park, a pavilion that is available for rent, grills...

Lakeway Parade of Homes Draws Record Breaking Crowd

From mid-May through the end of the month, master planned community Rough Hollow in the Lakeway real estate market hosted their annual Home Builders Association of Greater Austin Parade of Homes. This event was hosted by The Peninsula, one of the community’s foremost neighborhoods, and this year the Parade of Homes drew a record-breaking crowd. Here are some of the details.

Record Attendance at The Parade of Homes

The 2017 Parade of Homes drew an enormous crowd, breaking records with 9,000 visitors attending throughout the two weeks that the home show ran. The community at large did booming business, real estate wise, with 25 total sales throughout the month of May. This marks another...

The Green Real Estate Market: Sustainable Living in Austin

The Austin real estate market is thriving, and the boom is due in large part to the strong, growing economy. As the tech industry continues to make Austin home, an influx of professionals are heading to the city and looking for a place to call home. Not only are many of them looking to buy a large, luxurious property, but they also are concerned about the size of the home's carbon footprint. This has increased the demand for green real estate — eco-friendly properties that allow people to easily implement a sustainable lifestyle and preserve the local environment.

What is an Eco-Friendly Home?

An eco-friendly home is one that includes many environmentally-friendly features that allow an individual to reduce the energy they use and the pollution they emit. There is no set standard to define an...

Making Improvements – Do I Need a Permit?

The opportunity to renovate one’s own property is a huge draw when it comes to purchasing a home. Instead of being afraid to do little things like paint the walls or hang pictures, homeowners love being able to make dramatic changes at a moment’s notice.

Whether home improvement projects are for cosmetic reasons or they improve the condition of the property, people should think twice before they begin knocking down walls and building decks. Many projects require permits, as the city regulates certain data on all homes. Want to know if you need a permit or not? Here are some common projects that homeowners undergo and what’s required for each.

Ready, Set, Build!

Before beginning any type of home renovation project,...

Austin Board of Realtors Forecasts Hot Housing Market for Summer 2017

By all reports, home sales in Austin cooled a little this spring — not necessarily a slump but also not the meteoric rise that the city has been experiencing over the past few years. According to a new report by the Austin Board of Realtors, however, that is expected to change this summer with the housing market heating up as the weather gets warmer.

Prices and Sales Started Increasing in April, Particularly for Round Rock

The Board of Realtors reported a slow start to 2017 but noted that prices began rising once more in April. During that month, the Austin metro prices jumped about 3.2% compared to prices in April 2016. In Round Rock, prices were up about 6% over the prior year, with the median price resting at $305,000. During this...

Why Home Buyers Should Consider Cedar Park and Leander

As the summer heat intensifies in Austin, the real estate market is heating up as well. While this is an exciting time to be participating in the market, many home buyers in Austin are finding it daunting to be facing such steep competition for homes. For those who are looking for a great home in a growing market, it's often advantageous to look outside of the city limits. In fact, the suburbs of Cedar Park and Leander are gaining notoriety as the up-and-coming communities in the Austin metropolitan region. 

Real Estate Market Conditions in Cedar Park and Leander

Different trends are taking place in Cedar Park and Leander, making them markets for buyers to consider as they look for the right home in Central Texas. ...

Inside Austin Real Estate: 5 Common Home Styles

As one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, it's no surprise that the Austin real estate market is enjoying another booming year. The spring has showed continual signs of promise, and the summer is sure to be a record-setting year for home sales and home prices. As buyers set their sights on this community, which boasts a thriving economy anchored by the high-tech industry, it's important to learn more about the types of homes that are available in the city.

These are five of the common home styles that are found in neighborhoods throughout Austin:


The craftsman style is a classic look that has long appealed to buyers in the Austin real estate market. Known for its sturdiness and functionality, the craftsman style also includes several...

Round Rock Becomes a Focal Point of Central Texas Growth

Round Rock started off as a small village, opening its first blacksmith shop in 1848 and the first post office in 1851. The town grew slowly at first, topping out at between 1,000 and 1,400 people between 1900 and 1960. Then, as Austin started to expand, so too did Round Rock, ballooning in size to a population of 11,812 by 1980.

The 1980s saw an influx of tech sector businesses in Round Rock, including PC giant Dell. The once-small village never looked back. Today, with a population of 120,892 and growing, Round Rock tops many national charts and it is now one of the fastest growing communities in the United States. As such, it has become the nexus of growth in Central Texas. Let’s delve deeper into the drivers behind this unprecedented growth.


Home Selling: Should I Replace My Roof?

When you live in a home, you may only go up to the roof once or twice a year. However, the condition of the roof could affect the kinds of offers you get on the home, or even that you get offers at all. Remember the major hail storms that damagned homes in Cedar Park? Home buyers do! Few people are eager to buy a home with a roof that is obviously leaking or missing a lot of shingles. This guide walks you through the common problems with a roof that you should look at before you list the home for sale. If you need a refresher course, or are selling for the first time, consider the following about your roof before listing.


There are a couple of ways that your roof can leak water into the interior of the home....

Summer 2017 Austin Housing Forecast: Hot, Hot, Hot!

It sounds a lot like the weather forecast on TV on any summer morning in Texas: It's already hot, and it's going to get hotter! This can be used as the description for the Austin housing market this summer. The summer selling season is always an exciting time in any real estate market, as many owners are looking to sell, buy and move prior to school starting in the fall. However, this year is gearing up to be particularly exciting in Austin. If you think that the last several months on the market have been hot, wait until you see what June, July and August have in store! 

What's Driving the Austin Real Estate Market? 

A relaxed and mild spring had some experts wondering if it would be a laid back summer for the Austin real estate market, but data that was recently released regarding April home sales indicates otherwise. According to an article...

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