5 Great Reasons to Add an Outdoor Deck

View an Outdoor Deck as Added Living Space & Personalize ItTwo of the best ways to boost a home's value are to add usable living space and to make the backyard landscape more attractive. Adding a deck delivers on both counts. But a deck can offer a number of additional advantages. Here are 5 reasons to consider adding a deck to your home:

A Deck Is Multi-functional

By its very nature, a deck can serve many functions by tying different spaces together in new ways. A deck can be the location for a secluded spa, a children's sandbox, an outdoor kitchen, or a quiet conversation area. Add a trellis overhead or screen the deck to keep the bugs and critters away. Add low benches with cushions and planter boxes full of colorful flowers. Use the deck as destination space; add a potting bench with storage for gardening supplies, or stow outdoor toys and games nearby. A deck can be an exercise floor or a contemplative retreat. Decide how to use a deck and then design the deck to suit your needs.

Decks Are Easy to Maintain

Traditionally constructed of wood capable of withstanding the elements with minimal care, modern synthetic materials have made decking even more carefree and economical. Real wood can be painted or stained, but natural wood decking that has naturally greyed over time can be stunning. To assure longevity and good looks, a weatherproofing seal should be applied periodically. Occasional sweeping is really the only chore necessary to keep an outdoor deck in prime condition.

A Deck Is Transitional Space

Think of a deck as a separate zone, a purposeful space that serves a distinctive need. Add a fireplace or fire pit, along with comfortable seating and a colorful rug. A deck can be a music room, a game room or an outdoor den. Outdoor speakers, ceiling fans, lighting, even radiant heaters and cooling misters turn decks into all-season rooms. Roofing and screening will transform an outdoor deck into a comfortable room, while a deck set amidst the trees has the appeal of a forest hideaway.

Ground Level or In the Air

There are few rules to follow when designing a deck to enhance your Liberty Hill home. Decks are ideal for sloped lots, and multi-level decks will accommodate a variety of different activities in relatively small square footage. Plan a deck as a patio-sized space adjacent to the house, or an expansive entertainment area that fills most of the yard. Tie a second-story balcony into the backyard with a transitional deck that allows access via stairs from above or below. Add a side-yard deck to take advantage of a sliver of space, or a front-yard deck in lieu of a covered porch. Be creative, using a deck to define the outdoor activities that you most enjoy.

A Deck Is Cost-Effective

Beautiful landscaping takes planning, dedication and perseverance. A deck requires little care, freeing homeowners from the demands of mowing, raking, weeding and working. Most decks are built adjacent to the home, accessible from the interior via French doors or sliders, but a deck can also be a free-standing pavilion. With a partial roof, canvas awning or side curtains, a deck can also become a private retreat.

The dollar value of an outdoor deck varies by geographic region, so explore options and pricing if ROI is a primary concern. However, gaining additional usable outdoor space will invariably increase a home's enjoyment quotient, and it adds value in a personal way.

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