Our Professional Pledge...
Earn, Evaluate, Educate™

Your home is likely the greatest financial investment you'll ever make.
With the help of a trained real estate agent, it can also be your wisest. You deserve to work with a professional! Below we present our Service Pledge program. The Earn, Evaluate, Educate™ principal never ends, as we promise to continue earning your business throughout our professional relationship, and beyond.

EARN the Business

Your business must be earned by demonstrating integrity and establishing trust. We will earn your business throughout our relationship, and commit to the following:

  • a.) We return all phone and email inquiries. You have honored us with your message, and it is our pleasure to be as helpful as possible.

  • b.) Your time is valuable! Whether we're meeting for the first time, or touring the 20th property, we strive to be punctual for all appointments.

  • c.) During representation, you will have access to us as is most convenient to you. On day one, we will establish the preferred methods and schedule of communication - and we'll stick to it!

  • d.) You will be working one-on-one with your agent. With the exception of title and escrow services, your agent will be your main point of contact from day one. Should the agent be unavailable at any time during our business relationship, we will personally introduce you to the trusted partner appointed to take care of your needs in your agent's absence.

  • e.) You will receive timely, accurate information and honest feedback, especially in challenging or time-sensitive circumstances.

  • f.) Before, during and after your specific transaction, our goal is to provide personalized service and attention beyond your expectations.


Your needs must be evaluated in order to provide proper service. As the service provider, it is our duty to assess and understand your unique needs through effective communication skills and discovery. We will assist you in evaluating your needs by doing the following:

  • a.) Your thoughts and opinions are the first priority! Upon our initial meeting, we will listen carefully to the summary of your needs and your concerns, from your perspective.

  • b.) You will then be asked a series of questions by your agent, specific to your particular circumstances. Some of answers may be obvious - others will require more careful consideration.

  • c.) During the course of your home search, we will pay close attention to your thoughts and opinions regarding the homes we've toured, and consider how your desires and expectations may change as a result.

EDUCATION and Consultation

Education and consultation are essential. It will be our obligation and pleasure to provide the information necessary for you to make well-informed decisions by doing the following:

  • a.) After working together to establish your needs, based upon our knowledge and experience, we will provide an honest assessment of your options.

  • b.) You will receive critical information with regard to specific comparable sales and competing properties. We will inform you of the market conditions related to each specific region as necessary.

  • c.) During negotiations, you will receive timely, critical information, valuable feedback and support in order to make informed decisions. Particularly during this stage, your interests are our top priority - period!