The Home Buying Process...

When you're ready to start the home search, let us help you get started on the right path!  Being prepared, and starting the search with the right mind-set will make your home purchasing experience is a positive one... and in fact, it should be enjoyable!  We take pride in providing expert counsel throughout the entire home-buying process - from the moment of our first meeting, all the way through to closing.  And even after closing, we'll follow-up with you on occasion to see how you're doing, and offer our assistance if needed.

We invite you to  Contact us Today  for more information, or to setup a "Buyer's Consultation" appointment in person at one of our offices.  We look forward to working with you soon!

Step 1: Determining Your Needs - the Buyer's Consultation

Buyer ConsultationsIt is our job as the service provider to gain an understanding of your unique desires and needs, and that this must be achieved in an organized and professional manner, while in a comfortable atmosphere.

Thus we encourage all our prospective home-buyer clients to participate in an initial, no-obligation Buyer's Consultation. Not only will this introductory meeting allow us to learn more about you and your search for your next home, but just as important, it gives YOU the opportunity to meet with us in a comfortable atmosphere - and ultimately to decide if we're the right agent for you. This is an important step in the home-buying process that many buyers overlook.

Step 2: Financing - Connecting with a Lender

FinancingContrary to popular belief, the financing portion of the home-buying process comes BEFORE finding a home. We typically recommend home buyers consult with a lender immediately upon making the decision to search for a home. By working with a reputable lender sooner than later, you will have a good understanding of your budget, and will feel much more confident throughout the home buying process.

It's also common for a buyer to fall in love with the "perfect home", only to lose it to another buyer because they weren't prepared with a pre-approval letter. (In the Seattle market, most sellers will want to see a true "pre-approval" letter before accepting an offer.) A reputable lender will make sure to identify roadblocks well in advance, saving you potential heartache - and in many cases, preventing a closing from falling apart. Please contact us today for a lending referral - especially if you have unique circumstances, such as having recently moved, or changed jobs. We call them our "preferred lender" for a reason!

Step 3: Private Home Showings - The Fun Part!

Home ShowingsFor most home buyers, being able to finally visit occupied homes in person is the fun part. With that said, it can also quickly become overwhelming, particularly if there are a lot of options to choose from. At this stage, it's critical that you provide feedback to us, not only during the search process online, but while we're in each home too.

While viewing homes in person, we will help you narrow down your priorities - and going forward, we'll occasionally re-evaluate your needs as needed. It's very common for a buyer's needs to shift during the process, and we're here to help keep you on the right track!

Step 4: Offer & Negotiations

NegotiationsWhen you have found the home you want to buy, we will guide you through the process of determining what type of offer is appropriate based upon a set of criteria, including the home's location, condition, special features, comparable properties, etc.

Once the offer is prepared, reviewed by you and signed, we will submit the offer to the listing agent and homeowner, and await their initial reply. We will work with the other agent to negotiate terms which will be favorable to you, and agreeable to the seller - and we will of course, keep you informed throughout the process.

Step 5: Escrow, Inspections and Research

(Washington State is an "escrow" state.) After mutual acceptance, the Escrow process begins. The typical time from the date of a signed agreement through to closing is between 3 and 6 weeks, depending on the terms of the contract. The first priorities during this time are for the delivery of the Earnest Money, and the inspection - though there are other factors to consider as well. In short, we will work with you to ensure you perform your own contractual duties, and we will suggest methods for you to research the property to your complete satisfaction.

Step 6: Wrapping-Up Escrow - Closing and Moving In!

Closing and KeysAfter the inspection period, the lender will work with you to complete the loan process, the title company will research the title history, and the seller will work to pack-up and prepare the home for closing and transfer of ownership. Assuming everything goes smoothly, these final steps will typically occur in the last week before the closing date...

  • title will be "marketable" and clear of any clouds, defects or other issues
  • lender will order the final documents (this is the "true" indication of loan approval)
  • documents will then be reviewed and sent to the Escrow company
  • buyer and seller will have separate "signing appointments" at Escrow
  • funding will occur on the closing date
  • documents will be recorded at the county
  • you'll get your keys!