Issaquah Arts, Culture & Theatre

Issaquah Sign

Thinking of moving to Issaquah? If you love the arts & culture, be it musical or visual or historical, Issaquah probably has something for you to enjoy.

You'll find a number of artistic activities all year-round here. So if you're the creative type, or just an art patron, there are few activities and events worth considering.

Issaquah Theaters & Music

To begin, let's examine theater. In addition to catching a movie at the new Issaquah Highlands Regal Cinema at Grand Ridge Plaza, you can also experience live theater at the Village Theatre. Founded in 1979, the Village Theatre is actually a leading producer of musical theatre in the Pacific Northwest.

If you love sweets and great music, then the Chocolate, Wine and All That Jazz celebration takes place during the summer with several local restaurants offering spirits and nonalcoholic beverages, alongside some great music. During the summer months there's also Issaquah's Music on the Streets that take place every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening. Musicians come from all genres like blues, rock, pop, country, folk and more.

Issaquah Art Walk

Also, on the first Friday evening at every month from May to September, there's the Issaquah ArtWalk. This event features all types of art like visual, lyrical, musical and performance. If you want to give art a try, there are also locations for hands-on art projects.

Issaquah Museums

For history buffs, the Gillman Town Hall Museum & Jail and David J. Horrocks Research Center both offer display of hundreds of photographs and artifacts, some with an interactive display. The Gilman museum was the original town hall for Issaquah from 1898 to 1930.

Issaquah is a vibrant and eclectic community - and many people seek to move here specifically for the arts & cultural activities. We can help you too find an Issaquah home located near these great artistic events! Contact us today - we're Anthony Gilbert or Danny Evatt of Real FX Group. Put our experience of the Issaquah real estate market to work for you by calling or e-mailing us today. It only takes a few moments to find your dream home here in Issaquah.