Snoqualmie Ridge Neighborhoods

Snoqualmie Ridge Sign

How many neighborhoods are in Snoqualmie Ridge?

Well... that's not an easy question to answer. Snoqualmie Ridge is divided into several subdivisions, according to King County records. However, these subdivision names aren't very appealing - for instance "Snoqualmie Ridge Plat 6" etc. Clearly, the legal descriptions wouldn't suffice when the developers and new home builders needed to promote specific projects to potential home buyers... thus, over the years several neighborhood names were created, primarily for marketing purposes.

Snoqualmie Ridge Contains 28 "Neighborhood" Projects

Generally speaking, there are six or seven true "neighborhoods" on The Ridge - areas which are somewhat defined by a combination of their location, greenbelts and buffer-zones. However, upon review, one discovers that there are at least 28 neighborhoods or separate developments within Snoqualmie Ridge - though some exist only in memory.

If you ask residents of Snoqualmie Ridge what neighborhood they live in, with the exception of long-time residents, many of them wouldn't be able to answer accurately, as there's a lack of clear signage for each neighborhood, as one area flows into another. Some neighborhoods only contain a few houses. For example, Deer Park doesn't have a sign at the entrance, and within Deer Park, there was a separately marketed section called "The Reserve at Deer Park", - which despite the fancy name, was only a single street with four homes. There are several other examples of this, such as Parkview and Cascade Crest, both built by CamWest.

List of Snoqualmie Ridge Neighborhoods

Below is a list of neighborhoods we've identified within Snoqualmie Ridge - many of which are marked with permanent signage. Others were simply "project names" for marketing purposes and have essentially been incorporated into the surrounding development. This isn't intended to be an all-inclusive list - there may be others we haven't identified.

Click on the neighborhood name for additional information if available.

  • Falls at Snoqualmie
  • Fairway Lane
  • Fisher Creek Village
  • Ironwood
  • Kimball Creek
  • Magnolia Circle
  • Palisades
  • Parkview
  • Ridgestone
  • Si Meadows
  • Silent Creek
  • Snoqualmie Ridge Cottages
  • The Heights
  • Woody Creek