Snoqualmie Ridge Parks

Snoqualmie Ridge SignThe City of Snoqualmie Parks & Recreation Department operates 35 parks - 28 of which are within the Snoqualmie Ridge neighborhood.

Additionally, the city maintains approximately 30 miles of public trails that twist and wind their way around and through the parks, and through the protected green-belts. Although a few of the trails feel "remote", they are never too far away from most of the homes in Snoqualmie Ridge.

Snoqualmie Ridge Trails System

Most trails which are part of the Snoqualmie Ridge Trail System connect to regional trails, including the Snoqualmie Valley Trail, the Preston-Snoqualmie Trail, and the Rattlesnake Mountain Trail. Two trails specifically connect to the Preston-Snoqualmie Trail - one from Azalea Park, and another from Whitaker Park on the northeast side of the neighborhood. As the name suggests, this connects the communities of Preston and Snoqualmie. The Snoqualmie Valley Trail is a 31 mile developed trail which provides a variety of scenery, and runs from the City of Duvall at the north, to Cedar Falls to the south - where it connects with the Iron Horse trail.

Most of the trails are "soft-surface" trails, and though they are well-maintained, they are subject to changing seasons and weather conditions. Many times, they can be a bit muddy in areas, and there are a few steep grades, so good hiking shoes are a must. Some of the popular trails on The Ridge include the Deep Creek Trail, Silent Creek Trail, and Fisher Creek Trail, all of which pass through the natural areas of the neighborhood.

A word of caution about using the trails... there are a variety of wildlife in, and around Snoqualmie Ridge, including bears. When using the trails, it's best to carry bear spray at all times. Bear encounters are not an everyday occurrence, but they do occasionally happen on the trails, and even in home-owners yards from time to time.

Neighborhood Parks in Snoqualmie Ridge

Snoqualmie Ridge residents have an abundance of recreational open spaces and parks to use in any season of the year. Residents and visitors can even reserve some of the city parks for both public and private use. Some of the larger include the following:

Janne Hansen Community Park - Eagle Point Neighborhood:  This community park is located in the Eagle Point neighborhood, at the southern edge of Snoqualmie Ridge. The popular park is a 16 acre, multi-purpose park with tennis courts, soccer fields, a walking track, picnic shelter, a football field, and 150 parking spaces.

Snoqualmie Community Park - 35106 SE Ridge Street:  A 16 acre park with two soccer fields, three tennis courts, a basketball court, play equipment, parking, restrooms, and access to the 15 acre Laurel Bog Interpretive Loop Trail.

Carmichael Park - 34700 SE Sorenson Street:  Located in the far northwest corner of the development, Carmichael Park is a five acre park with a playground, basketball and tennis courts. There are also restrooms, picnic areas, and a large play field.

Fischer Creek Park - 7805 Fischer Ave SE:  Fischer Creek Park is located along Snoqualmie Ridge Parkway, just a bit to the east of the shops on Center Blvd. The park has a full-sized basketball court, a climbing wall, restrooms, and an open lawn/play area. The park also includes beginning and intermediate bike courses, and helmets are required.

Swenson Park - 35007 SE Swenson Street:  Located at the southern-most portion of Snoqualmie Ridge, Swenson Park is also a sports park - complete with basketball courts with spectator benches and baseball fields with bleachers. It also has playground equipment, restrooms, and a large play field. The park can be accessed from Jacobia Street from the south, or Swenson Street from the north.

For more information about the parks within the city of Snoqualmie, including the most up-to-date information and maps, please visit the City of Snoqualmie Parks and Recreation website.